WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson calls a snap breakfast meeting with staff at Superclubs Breezes after claims of stalking and the arrest of Harry Joseph reached the Boardroom Door!


Why is WSC Chairman spending money the Corporation does not have?

Water and Sewerage Corp. Chairman Adrian Gibson.

Nassau – An emotional and childish Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson called a snapped general meeting Thursday morning to meet with staff at the Superclubs Breezes after BP reported how he brought in Harry Joseph to spy on staff at the Corporation.

Gibson, who heads the cash strapped corporation, during Christmas was directing corporation workers to disconnect residents for nonpayment, but, after collecting from a few creditors, took off to Europe with the funds and yesterday was having hotel breakfast with the staff. WHAT A WASTE!

When staff were all assembled at Superclubs Breezes in a meeting that could have taken place right on the Corporation’s property, Gibson told staff no questions would be allowed during the meeting while he lectured them on matters unfolding at WSC. Well, what is dis?

Gibson told staff that he wants them to know that, no matter what they heard online, “I don’t like repeating Donald Trump but …. “FAKE NEWS”!” he shouted.

Well, BP has some real news for Gibson as we scaled the walls of WSC on University Drive and discovered how Harry Joseph – an ex-policeman – brought into the corporation by Gibson to spy on staff, tendered his resignation abruptly after stalking a senior executive. He told police he had been directed to spy on employees.

Human Resources documents also confirm that Joseph was not properly vetted and had no paper trail as to how he was brought into the Corporation. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! No transfer files, no proper application form or testing and evaluation – nothing was on record! So how did he get into a sensitive department at WSC?

Police held Joseph over the weekend after Senior Internal Compliance and Control Assistant General Manager Kimberly Rolle filed a complaint of stalking at WSC, alleging she was being followed and contacted by an anonymous number, which, when traced and tracked, was registered to Joseph. While in police custody, Joseph told officers he was directed to investigate staff. The directive angered the AGM Rolle and caused her to write the Board, expressing her disgust and disapproval over the stalking allegations; and tendering her resignation effective at the end of the month. Rolle disagrees with the directives of the Board and stated she will not have her professional career be tainted with such emotional political rejects like those in the Boardroom.

Meanwhile, at the meeting yesterday, Chairman Gibson had all kinds of accusations against Dwayne Woods, President of the Bahamas Utilities Services & Allied Workers Union. But the Chairman had absolutely nothing to say to staff about Harry Joseph and his espionage directives against the workers. This is interesting because, when three WSC staffers were charged back in 2017 for their alleged theft of a hydrant, Gibson was all over the news talking about theft at the Corporation and how he called the police. Or how about those audits and how he was up and down attacking senior executives in Parliament and accusing them of all kinds of things! But yet today, he is mute on his hire of Harry Joseph. We wonder why? Y’all think Minnis could deal with this? Ah Boy!

How did Harry Joseph get inside WSC if he was not properly vetted and came through the front door? WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!