Stanley McIntosh is murdered victim number four hundred and fourty-six since 2007


First Murder in North Abaco is in PM constituency…

The rising blood tide of murder is once again this time in the community of North Abaco. Bahamas Press is at this hour tracking murder #20 under investigation by detectives.

We can now confirm police have in their custody the alleged shooter.

Residents tell us police have in its custody for questioning, Nevin Curry, of Coopers Town. He is the son of Papa’s fishing buddy and henchmen, Beltron Curry.

Sources tell us preliminary police reports indicate that around 4:45 am on Sunday 26th February 2012 the body of a male was found at Don McKay Boulevard with multiple gunshot injuries to the body.

The victim we are told is one, Stanley McIntosh. The deceased man was also of North Abaco.

The investigation into this 446th murder since 2007 is still underway.

We report yinner decide!