Expat Worker Dead at GB Container Port and Police denied access to investigate?



Freeport GBBahamas Press has learnt police have been denied access to the Grand Bahama Container Port following an emergency call into the facility.

We can report when police arrived to the container compound they were denied access to the scene of the incident. Bahamas Press can confirm Safety Controller, Iris Forbes, told police the incident at the facility was an industrial one and that the they were not allowed to enter the property.

Now that’s strange.

A few minutes later sources in the Port tell us, a dead corpse was announced to be inside.

We can confirm dead was 35-year-old, Ali Isusim, of 22 Djohn Westward Drive Freeport GB. He is from Romania.

Sources tell us the expat worker died as a result of an electrical shock from a high-powered cable.

Police, we are told  were still out of the loop up to press time.

How could a man be found dead at the Container Port facility and the police denied access?

We report YINNER Decide and wait for the WUTLESS PRESS TO REPORT.


  1. I believe BP. I believe the cops was waiting on special permission from the boss-cop, who was waiting on special consent from the island BIG BOSS (Mr. Yt) before going in that place.

    Ya know the cops can’t go in no white man place just like that. Lets be real.

    I fear that the police in this country powerless and just going along to get along. They are controlled by politics and politricks. Thats why all the head fellas going elsewhere like Dames and Bell.

    I will pray from ppl like Jason Rolle, cus he really don’t know how this country run. When Jesus comes all of this mess will be fixed, until then, ya better call big boss first.

  2. I am a worker of Freeport Container Port and the story you have posted is not correct.

    An industrial Accident happened at Grand Bahamas Shipyard.

    I think you owe Freeport Container port an apology.

  3. Garbage. The police can go anywhere…even in your house(with a warrant and without a warrant if they suspect drugs or firearms are inside.) Whoever denied access should have been pushed out of the way and arrested if necessary.

  4. BP get ya facts right, there was NO accident at Containor Port, maybe Ship Yard. Be careful what you report, then telling people to decide.

  5. Well its obvious that the Port don’t have any dam respect for the Bahamas Police, now instead of hiding it they showing it for the world to see.

    So a whole man dead, maybe murdered, in the place and the head-woman tell the cops that they are not allowed to bring their black ass in the compound because its an industrial accident and none of they dam bzness. And the cops say, ‘yes mamie’. Jesus, take the wheel out of my hand.

    What kind of country I living in where the cops powerless, and meek as the lost sheep. Yes Mamie??

    If this was America that baitch would be in dam chains rite now wearing the same panties and bra they find her in when she start to talk that chit.

    But anyway, its only black cops, they aint gat no sense. Amen, Hallelujah. Yes Mamie.

  6. The police need to do their job and arrest Miss Forbes and any other person who get in the way for obstruction of a police officer in the execution of their duties and stop playing around. Keep the politics out and Do your jobs officers.

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