Station operators for Gems 105.9FM locked out of facility?


Landlord was sick and tired of getting the run-a-round…Workers were almost working for free…

Gems 105.9fm goes silent.

Bank could now move in to take all…But there is Hope! The New Generation Selling Dreams in the Christie Regime says the economy of the Bahamas will grow by 3%? Tell Michael Halkitis the grass and discontent in Golden Isles are also growing by 3%!

Minister of State for Finance Michael Halkitis said the Bahamian economy will grow by 3%. Didn't he tell us that last year?

Nassau, Bahamas — It looks like the sins of one station has caught up with the operators as BP now has gotten word that the locks have been placed on the door of Gems Station.

The news is no surprise as turbulence began when wicked allegations were fanned against one of their star employees.

BP has learnt debt by the station has climbed through the roof with debt owed to the owner of the building and the banks.

Landlords, we are told, wanted the operators out of the building months ago, but were hindered by court proceedings.

Yesterday the fate of the station was sealed and now the locks are on the doors.

But this is just the beginning of the end as BP has traveled to Turks and Caicos where we are told an even bigger fight might come.

Sources close these developments tell us we should be watching the case involving Misick closely as the former Primer for that island will be calling for that person in New Providence.

All we at BP say is this – we don’t know how in the hell the economy of the Bahamas will grow by 3% when everywhere you turn people are in debt and businesses are closing. But ya know – the Christie Regime is known for selling dreams and pie in the sky hopes… And if you ain’t Lightbourne – Dog eat ya lunch!

We report yinner decide!