Still no sign of life where two men have went missing at sea in separate incidents…


Derrick Collie of Lovely Bay Acklins.

Acklins – Police and US Coast Guard are still searching for that Caucasian male, who was swept into waters off the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera. Persons have been warned even before the dangerous surge and high winds in the area to avoid passage on the bridge.

19 year old Johnathan Brusso of Michigan, USA, has not been found. The search continues. His father is now on the island.

The scene became an attraction as high 40ft waves from the Atlantic Ocean crash repeatedly into the rocks.

BP can also confirm police and defence force officers are still searching waters off Crooked Island for the male who went missing at sea in that area, Tuesday morning.

BP has identified that missing man as Derrick Collie of Lovely Bay Acklins. Friends claimed they believe sharks in the area attacked Collie as he attempted to swim away from a reef where his boat was destroyed. Two other passengers on the vessel made it safe to land.

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