Stories that made it to the headlines in 2014 – Part ONE! Money from Customs vanishes – and no one arrested…


Do you know where the suspects are now in this incident?

Bahamas Customs Department Officers - File Photo

When do you think they ga tell us what has happened with our money?

Nassau, Bahamas — There are some important stories we at Bahamas Press believe has to be mentioned as our 2014 reports of the year.

One such story was the funds, which vanished from Customs in Abaco. Now, let’s get the real story here. Abaco Customs Department collects some $40 million in duties for the Bahamas Government annually.

According to the Abacoanian newspaper, some fund collected in May and received by two Customs Officers was “on its way to the bank on that short journey. Five deposits never made it to the bank with a cumulative value around $500,000.

“Because most of the importers and customs brokers pay by certified check the majority of the money (about $470,000) is recoverable leaving about $30,000 in cash to recover.”

By the time the story broke, no one had been arrested nor was any of the cash funds recovered. And so in actual fact only $30,000 vanished in the ordeal, although the media kept knocking this ‘$500,000 vanished’ story.

Bahamas Press has done our own investigations into this report, and what we have found is indeed interesting. Both officers in question were not suspended or arrested in the matter. This is UNBELIEVABLE!

They had the money in their possession. Yet, they have told no one what has happened with the public money.

We understand the head of Custom have transferred both officers. One, a female, has been moved to the new inland terminal on Gladstone Road with a directive to say nothing on the matter. The other officer a male has been sent to Arawak Cay, he too were given the same instructions.

We at Bahamas Press are indeed wondering – when do you think one a dem or their superiors ga tell us what happened with our damn money?

This report will not just be a report of 2014, but we at BP will indeed follow this report in 2015…

Stay Tuned… we have more reports to share!