Street wars in Nassau intensify as Drug Kingpin hires more groups to be taken out Drug investigators tell…


Some high-ups in law enforcement just might be on the payroll of King Spy DEA and DEU detectives say

Homicide victim #30 Peron Bain.

FREEPORT| Both Bahamian DEA and the US DEU detectives are learning much more about the dangerous drug lord out of Abaco known by his street name “SPY”.

According to detectives, they believe “Spy” is the man behind a series of recent murders which have claimed the lives of Pinewood gang members particularly one recent by the name of Peron Bain, 33, in the Golden Gates community of Belville Circle, off Iguana Way in Bel Air Estates.

Many of you will recall how a 10-year-old girl was also shot and later died in hospital during that violent attack during lockdowns and curfews in the capital.

It is also being reported that drug cops believe “Spy” is also the mastermind of two recent murders in Florida in which Jamaican hitmen were engaged.
Detectives also know of two boat captains now between Abaco and Florida are moving dangerous drugs and other items for the Drug KingPin. Both of the captains are from Freeport we understand.

And despite all this info, police are still finding it difficult to nail SPY especially when officers on Grand Bahama do permit known criminals out of Jamaican and furnished with NIB cards to walk free from the jail in Jones Town Grand Bahama.

Some officers say, and word around the streets is, that it is possible that Drug Kingpin Spy just might have some people in uniform on the payroll. What is the Anti-Corruption Unit doing about that?

Meanwhile, homicide #36 unfolded in the Bains and Grants Town community last evening. The man was shot around 10 pm on Monday but because of the lockdowns in the area, no one ventured out to investigate.

The male victim’s body was found Tuesday morning in a yard with his remains stiffed cold with the ground soaked in blood. Boy I tell ya – what a time!

But get this: the $1.9 million Shotspotter devices never detected the shooting, and no police investigated the scene last evening where the body was eventually found. What yinner think happened with the Shotspotter? Did anyone figure out yet?

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