Tagia Soles-Armory’s accused murderer granted bail…another man shot and killed by police


Tagia Soles-Amory accused killer now released on bail by Justice Jon Isaacs.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press reports the continued troubling collapse of the Criminal Justice System of the Bahamas by the release of another man charged for murder.

Justice Jon Isaacs yesterday released another man on bail for the shooting death of Tagia Soles-Armory. The was also charged for endangering the life of the three years old son of the victim, Zen Armony.

Now readers would remember this was the murder of the years back in 2009. Tagia has just returned home with her Caribbean husband on a visit to the islands with relatives. She was sitting in her car nursing her baby, when it is alleged the accused came up to her and shot her in the lung.

With her child screaming at her side, Tagia attempted to flee the scene, but later drown in her own blood as he made her get-a-way.

A young man by the name of, Valentino Hanna Dorsette, better known by his street name “BALLISTIC”, is accused of having committed the murder, and like many others; accused for the most heinous act, was released on a $30,000 bail.

As Isaacs delivered the bail hearing, he ordered the accused to be fitted with the ankle bracelet and was free to go. WOW! WHAT A COUNTRY!

Meanwhile police shot and killed a man in Black Village last night following a hot chase into that community.

According to eyewitnesses, police began chase of two men along with a woman into the area around 11:40PM. Gunshots were fired, which resulted with the death of one of the men. The woman was also shot. The third suspect fled the scene on foot.


  1. Unfortunately the young man that took this nursing mother’s life so callously and viciously in an attempted robbery is damned to hell. There can be no forgiveness for what he has done.

    Let the good Lord place a mark on him that whosoever comes across him will not give him bread or drink, let him be a leper and a reprobate in this country roaming to and fro like a joonser on crack, with no place to lay his head. Let him never find peace and comfort.

    Let his name be blotted out, and his children forced to bear his shame.


    First of all Smitty – I must tell you that you really make me laugh. Truly I am cheesing right now because I only imagine you getting all huffed and puffed up because you can’t accept nor respect my “opinion”. Don’t take it personal man. The sooner you realize that (we don’t have to all think the same – you know “group-think) the sooner we can move on to a better Bahamas. Unless me and you talking directly on a subject and I am directing my comments to you personally – just ease up man and try your best to control yourself. LMAO!

    Bey, anyhow, to answer your question most succinctly… here is my two cents and hopefully you won’t take this personal either…

    As you may have noticed – and I said it in my original comment – “… screaming for change” is not the most effective way to get things done in the Bahamas. People have been screaming for a while now – and you and I both know that the screams get louder during elections time. I suggested that WE individually change ourselves for WE are the BAHAMAS!

    Here is a big one that I will give you for free – when talking to a fellow Bahamian do it with respect – my Grammy used to tell me “respect goes a long way”. Secondly, respect authority – even if it is not the party you wanted to see in office. It is still YOUR Government! Finally, approach things in a more civil and dignified manner. Believe it or not you can get more things accomplished this way – even in the Bahamas.

    I am a Bahamian and I don’t consider all Bahamians dumb – including myself! To your comment I will say if the shoe fits – wear it. Also, I will never reduce myself to tongue wrestling with someone such as yourself that seems to want to gravel over petty chit that don’t matter. When you’re ready to discuss things in a civil matter then we can talk. I consider myself a proud, educated and independent thinking Bahamian. I can only hope that you are too.

    If you looking for me to give you a plan of action for the crime spree in the Bahamas – hire me and let me get the work done. Until then – I live by the laws and try my level best to stay the hell out of the way of those who don’t!

    RISE UP BAHAMAS – so we can truly say

  3. Tagia’s family can never get peace. This scum bag will eventually kill another innocent person. Then he will be executed by his friend’s. Justice will be served on the streets. The court has no problem granting bail to killers. Petty crimes are denied bail. Sorry System.

  4. This one is in response to the remarks by MR/MRS/MISS REASON.If this was one of your family or friend your talk or response would have being different.Let us give positive ideas,suggestions or methods to fight crime instead of blaming the POLICE or the CROWN.The POLICE would have being the first ones that you have called if this would have happened to you.”LET US REASON TOGETHER SAID THE LORD!”and fight crime.

  5. Now i see why people are taking matters into their own hands,the court system is totally worthless and time consuming,if this murderer had killed my lovely wife or anyone in my family,i would kill him,its just as simple as that,an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

    • How do you know he killed her? we don’t exactly have the best police officers in the world. Most of the cases that come to court are not investigated properly because the officers are a product of our dysfunctional educational system. And why isn’t anyone asking why it’s taking the AG’s Office so long to bring him to trial. That’s why he got bail. Don’t blame the courts. Blame the Crown

  6. Am convinced more than ever that Bahamians are under an evil spell and seemingly unable to free themselves from recognising that the present Govt is clueless in solving the quagmire created with an ineffective judicial system.Papa said prior to returning for a third non consecutive term that he would hang his head in shame if he did not ensure that murderers were deal with expeditiously.For failure Papa must get his just reward,voted out of office.

  7. The monster who allegely killed this young mother is a creation of our so-called justice system. I give up. The politicians know what to do, but are unwilling to act.They don’t care.But God will reward these murderers.

  8. Valentino Dorsette you are worst than human excrement!!!

    Stinking Valentino Dorsette I hope someone you know know reads this and tell you that the day you die will be a beautiful day.

    Like a reader said earlier “justice will be served”. I hope you get your’s sooner than later!!!

    You stinking, good for nothing, lousy low-life roach!!! You friggin’ killed a woman for nothing!!!

    Tell Hitler, Sadaam, and Bin Laden I said to screw you well in hell!!!! Stinking low life roach!!!

  9. 30 thousand dollars? A senseless murder and 30 thousand dollars gets you back out on the streets – with an ankle bracelet? My fellow Bahamians- No justice. No peace.

  10. And the murderer is allowed out of jail with an ankle bracelet while she had to be buried 6 feet under with an id tag??? Ok something is terribly wrong on that island…….hopefully his life will be short on the outside—theres where the justice will be served—–someone will retaliate and he’ll b killed. Now I dont condone death or retaliation but if the judicial system is not gonna work for the people out there then take matters into ur own hands.

  11. $30,000 bond for a murder rap – that is absolutely freaking insane!!!!!!!!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing the hypocrites say “We Need Change” – If everyone would give me a dollar for every time another Bahamian says that I would personally pledge to pay off the country’s deficit. What needs to be understood is that in order for the Bahamas to change – the people have to change first! Who are we fooling man? All we doing is screwing over ourselves with this azz-backwards mentality.

    Why does an accused murderer even need to be let out on bail? Please tell me what is the rational? Let me guess – that individual has family, children, friends and whoever that care about them right? Fine, but want about the victim’s family who will never in their lifetime ever be able to see their murdered family member again?

    If we so called smart Bahamians get this one concept – that the rule of law exist for just that – to rule and govern and keep ORDER in a society. The Bahamas is rife with “Slackness” and a bunch of scheming, trifling so-called leaders who have bent the laws so far back that we even forget that we have laws to protect us from this kind of minutia.

    Until we “the people” of the Bahamas not only DEMAND but ADHERE to civil rule and order we will continue to live in a system of privileged access where money rules above all!

    Supposedly we are a “Christian” nation – but if you really do some real soul searching you will concur that for the most part the only thing sarcastically Christian about the Bahamas is the way we worship the all mighty dollar. Check it Boo…..

    Now that it is time for elections I truly hope that people really know what they are voting for! Boy I pray that they know they are worth more than one t-shirt and a good plate of food! My GOD I pray.

    RISE UP BAHAMAS – it is time to get off your knees.

    • Funky please tell us what to do; step by step so we may know how to address this issue. Its seems as if you are so well adapted to suggesting that we are are dumb and stupid so please tell us our actionable steps so we dont have to scream out for change.

  12. Our country is the only country in the world that let murderers out on bail. what the hell is going on in this little Nassau man. this has to stop. why are these people being set free? what is going on with this judicial system? now the murder count will no doubt rise again. Is the jailhouse overcrowded? are these folks coming up with cash bail to put in the treasury? what the hell is going on..when will this end. I APPEAL TO THE POWERS THAT BE. PLEASE START HANGING FOLKS AGAIN AND START IT NOW, our little nation has gone to hell in a hand basket. this is too much. sometimes i feel like packing and moving to OBAMA land, not that it is better there, but but but

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