Brave Davis reminds Ingraham of rampant Crime and Unemployment problem


Philip Brave Davis




It is unfortunate that the Tribune a newspaper of record in The Bahamas would run such an irresponsible story this morning based on the reckless, unsubstantiated and hearsay comments of the Prime Minister in Parliament.   Mr. Ingraham is politically desperate.  He can see the writing on the wall.  It is sad that of all the serious matters facing our country and the important matters discussed and debated in Parliament over the past few days that such utterances could find a place of prominence in the news cycle.

Mr. Ingraham’s statements yesterday were political mischief of the highest order, and should not be taken seriously by the press.  Why would I be engaged in such foolish discussions with members and supporters of the FNM?  Anyone who knows me knows better than that!

The FNM has tried everything in the book to change the national focus from the problems of crime and unemployment.  They have begun to regurgitate the old and tired propaganda of 2007.  Now the Prime Minister is attempting to create some false impression of infighting in the PLP.

THE CHEIF IS A LEAK! Committed another BACKSIDE RAPE on the Bahamian people. When will the Guardian find the gumption to ask PAPA about its Cable revelations?

What is factual and supported by evidence though is that Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette does not have the support of his leader, Hubert Ingraham.

I am committed to ensuring that Perry Gladstone Christie is the next Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and that the PLP is returned to power.

No political mischief, false accusations, fabricated stories or propaganda will change the widely held public view that Hubert Ingraham must go and must go now.

Our country deserves better than Hubert Ingraham and the FNM and their lame attempts to distract from their failures in every major area of governance.


  1. Brave and the PLP only have themselves to blame for the way the Tribune carries on. They sat timidly almost impotent as John Marquis and others ran rough shed over the PLP government!
    Now the Foreign National Mess govt is in power and not even BP gats the balls to do what Marquis and his band of whores did to the PLP.
    Stop crying an start doing what the damn people want eg. boycott the Tribune and Guardian if necessary, stop quoting it in Parliament as if it is gospel, act like it don’t exist cause it is all about economics!

  2. Papa talking foolishness again. He need to look at his own self as leader. He is a disgrace!! Don’t forget, Perry is leader now because during the 2009 PLP convention, Brave campaign all over the Bahamas and made sure Perry won. Up to now Perry don’t know where all them votes came from for him. It was his Brave!!!
    BRAVE gave his heart out to make sure Ryan won, up to the court case. So what if Ryan feels close to Brave!!
    Ingrum, you cannot destabilise the PLP. Try anything you want!! You can’t succeed. Perry and Brave too strong for you.
    What about your followers? Your deputy and many others in your own party don’t support you. You don’t support your deputy. Dey just tappin their feet waitin for your stupid hip to go.

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