What was Chrissy Love THINKING?

    Chrissy Love host of the new Immediate Response Show on Zns 1540AM.

    Nassau, Bahamas —  The radio show Immediate Response hosted by Chrissy Love sunk to a NEW LOW Wednesday as guests and the host engaged an open row of politics on the national airways.

    We were tipped to the war unfolding on 1540AM and listened in awe by the offensive, repugnant commentary exchanged across the airwaves.

    Tommy Turnquest is an UTTER FAILURE TO THIS COUNTRY.

    If we were asked to find one word to describe the show yesterday we would simply say, “JUNGALISS!”, How did the polished, educated, well seasoned astute Lady Thompson allowed herself to be engaged in such low and lewd language, where one caller eluded to ‘sucking tits’ in response to a suggestion made by the host.

    Boy I tell ya, Tommy Turnquest has sunk to a new low himself. FREE YOURSELF CHRISSY, you were groomed far better that what we heard yesterday!

    Chrissy ranted and raved and showed her evil bias against the PLP as she expressed to nationals across the country repeatedly, “I HATE THE PLP!”

    BP believes the the host needs to be drug tested. Her claims of having a deep unnatural hatred for the PLP, the very party which made her a citizen rather than a subject, came as a shocking surprise. WHERE IS THE OBJECTIVITY CHRISSY? YOU HAVE NO SHAME and have been MOST NEGLECTFUL IN YOUR COMMENTS!

    Those unprofessional comments should warrant an apology or face dismissal. We believe if she fails to apologize she should be the first person to go from ZNS in the downsizing exercise.

    We call on Tommy, Chrissy and the Board at ZNS to do the right thing. Chrissy ‘Gats’ to GO!


    1. ok this is some deep stuff….someone please correct me if i am wrong.

      when you are a radio disc jokey/mediator are your views and feelings towards politics, religion ect remain personal. your job is to allow everyone to have a voice so that all can have a better understanding on issues we face. that way there will be some agreements on both sides.

      now if you were the type that is none for being out right rude and dont care to who and if they dont like it they could lump it then sure, take the floor, point fingers and pick sides. there are rules to upholding an image you’ve put out there where you’ve committed yourself to be some what of a referee.

      but how i see (even though i dont listen to her show cause it sucks! autlen h bodie or nothing)she jus lost the few listens she had.

      for someone in her position, her goal should always remain on ending arguments and keeping peace and getting along with everyone.

    2. She has to know that both PLPS and FNMS fund ZNS. She has to be more responsible. I think that she has to be the first to go in the down sizing exercise at ZNS. I do not want my tax dollars to be spent on a whore who is sucking Tommy’s political penis for a job. She is worse than Bannister. Well I guess, a whore will always be a whore.

    3. chrissy is singing for her supper and recognises that the ship is sinking fast.She is too defensive of Govt policies and makes Steve McKinney and Philippa Russell look like Sunday kids.The outrageous chrissy must understand that having an education is cannot compare to street smarts.Poor chrissy she got punked.

      • yo bro, iy ain’t dat serious. why do we get so worked up about these things. It’s right in line with the bahamian mantra, we react instead of being proactive. while I did not hear the comments, I mean really, is it that serious? The times I have listened, she makes some good points about history, but tends to rabble on an on and on…

    4. That was an all new low yesterday. After she made the comment”sucking the political tit,he ran right on with his comment, which was in poor taste. Clearly sh is bias, and tries very hard to re-write history. Doing all in her power to defend the legacy of Mr. Ingraham.

      She is a very intelligent woman, witty,and I like listening to her, but she lacks the patience that comes with being a talk show host

    5. Well, if she hates PLP’s then she should move from the Bahamas, because PLP’s are everywhere and are proud to be PLP. Mr. Ingraham stood on the stage in 2007 and said that he was going to fire Steve Mckinney and Lady Russell because of their political views on the PEOPLE’s radio station, once he was returned to office. Well I hope he already sent Chrissy Love her letter of dismissal.

      And as far as I could remember Steve nor Lady Russell ever said anything as mean spirited as Chissy did

    6. Now that was the perfect day for Tommy Turnquest to call in and say as he did with Jones, “We must be responsible here.”


    7. Boi Freethinka I thought you was bad, but yesterday they made you look and sound like a saint. I mean an atheist saint. LOL! That was a version of the Bahamian Jerry Springer; raw, rude, adult rated and plain NASTY! I notice 1540 am went off air. The stuff hit the fan on that one!


    8. Raw and rank feminism succumbed yesterday, and could not stop Bannister from rolling over it with the succubus [suck ya breast remark]. Talk Shows in the Bahamas with feminism at the wheel is spewing out a lot of rated x shows ie. Sisters in conversation and the pseudo New Nation shows hosted a non-sovereign Queen as they discuss “The Angry Vagina & the Angry Penis” to the Nation while children sit and listen. Where was URCA last week to penalize perverted talk show hosts who allow people to appear on shows with such negativity…

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