Taxi Driver “Big Juicer” got a wakeup surprise from his mad gal!


Taxi Driver ### van all breakup by mad gal!

Nassau, Bahamas – A taxi driver got the shock of a lifetime after he woke up to glass shattered on his bus.

The driver, who is known by friends as “Big Juicer”, could not believe the damage on his vehicle – thought to have been carried out by his gal.

The girl, a street jungaliss of the first order, went ballistic on the taxi driver’s van, breaking most of the glass on the van. It is alleged that the gal walked in on “BIG JUICER” and caught him with a young gal, much younger than her.

Later one of the friends of the girlfriend went online attacking “Big Juicer”, accusing him of molesting young children in the community of Nassau Village where one of his sweeties live.

After we got hold of the photos, all we said was, “Boy, this ain’t ga end well!”

But what can you say? It’s da people time!

Meanwhile “Big Juicer” might be scared to report the incident as those allegations involving him and those small school kids might just be investigated!

We report yinner decide!