Taxpayers owe a shipping company $1 for storage for dome homes which were never built! The homes sat in TROPICAL SHIPPING TRAILERS FOR TWO YEARS!!!

Incomplete dome homes on Abaco left abandoned for two years by Minnis GOVERNMENT!

BP BREAKING| So get this: The Minnis Government kept the dome homes in trailers for two years racking up a storage bill with Tropical Shipping for over $1 million to taxpayers. How may homes could have been built for Hurricane Dorian victim with that money?

I bet if the press ask Minnis about this he will will say he does not recall. But remember BP told yinner this about Minnis – HE DOES LIE!

Meanwhile, Kay Forbes-SMITH was selling the donated Hurricane Dorian items requesting the funds to be placed on her personal BOB bank account.

We reporting yinner deciding!