Teen dies in hit and run last evening…


A second hit and run in just over a week in the capital…..

NASSAU| Sometime around 9:14am on Tuesday 02.July, 2019, the police received a report of the lifeless body of a male being found at Unison Road off Carmichael Rd.

As a result of this report, the crew of Bravo Tango 16, Sgt 2144 Armbrister and P/C 3555 Simmons were dispatched to investigate.

On arrival to the scene, the officers saw and spoke with one persons in the area who pointed out the lifeless body of a teen age male clad in a gren T-shirt and a short blue jean pants.

EMS#2 crew K Roker and D Smith, visited the scene around 9:51am. The medical team conducted an examination of the victims body for signs of life with negative results.

Police are now on scene making an assessment. It appears to be a traffic fatality.