Tens of Thousands in Prizes for Food Expo



Mr. Arnold Dorsett, general manager, BAIC. (Gladstone Thurston)

NASSAU, Bahamas – More than $50,000 in cash prizes will be available for participants in the four-day Bahamas Agricultural, Marine Resources and Agribusiness Expo.

And Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation deputy general manager Arnold Dorsett has confirmed that more than half the 90 booths have already been taken.

Slated for the Gladstone Road Agricultural Centre beginning November 11, the expo aims to bring together the best the Bahamas has to offer in food production.

“This expo will prove to be an excellent orientation for new and mature farmers and other agri-business persons concerned about product quality and standards,” said Mr. Dorsett on Tuesday.

Themed ‘Promoting locally sustainable agricultural and marine production and consumption: Strengthening agribusiness’, the expo encompasses the full scope of the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources headed by Minister, the Hon. Lawrence ‘Larry’ Cartwright, MP.

“It will be a friendly competition in food production…and we expect a great variety of produce and livestock at this exposition,” said Mr. Dorsett.

Sponsored primarily by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the expo has drawn support from BAIC, Bahamas Agricultural Producers Association, the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture and others.

“They realize this is something they want to be a part of and we are really happy to have them partner with us in this vital area,” said Mr. Dorsett. “The response has been very good.

“It is a good time to encourage the food production sector. We have been talking about the vast amounts of imports coming into this country. The concept is that as we increase production we should see the cost of food commodities go down.

“And that is an important aspect of this thrust – to try to get farmers to increase production so we can cut the cost of food in this country.”

Patrons can expect exhibitions of prized livestock, marine products, fruits, vegetables, root crops, processed foods, drinks, ornamentals, souvenirs from throughout the Bahamas. The site at Gladstone Road will have 24-hour security.

Participants are invited to play a part in topical discussions and seminars to explore solutions to some of the challenges confronting this sector, which have negatively impacted the attainment of a greater degree of national food security and sustainability of our natural resources, Mr. Dorsett said.

In preparation for the show, officials from the Department of Agriculture will be inspecting livestock and produce in the Family Islands beginning this week.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to have so many and as diverse a group of Bahamians coming together in one place to encourage sustainable agri-businesses,” Mr. Dorsett said.