Terry Bain Documents Police Intimidation Last Week


Terry Bain

15 May 2011
Terry Bain ordeal of police intimidation in Farmers Cay, Exuma

Did Police in Exuma Planned to Kill Terry Bain?

On the 12 May 2011 at Big Harbour Little Farmers Cay, Exuma around 4:00 PM – I had just got back from fishing with Sherman McKenzie and Julian Nixon. We had just taken the fish out of the boat when four police officers approached us from the beach.

Detective Sergeant # 466 Rolle said that he came to see Terry Bain for questioning. I asked him; questions about what? He said questions regarding a Press Conference on 16th. November 2010 at Stafford Creek, Andros.

I said go ahead and ask me your questions. Sergeant Rolle said – he wanted to question me at the police station in George Town. I said – am I under arrest, and if I am: What is the charge? Sergeant Rolle said he is arresting me for “Slander.”

I said in that case I need to go home and prepare for the trip to George Town. I drove home – officer Rolle was following me as I approached my house door, I said to him hold it, there is no need for you to come into my house I will be out in several minutes! I went inside showered and changed into fresh clothes. As I came out onto the porch he was sitting near the door under a coconut tree. I called to my wife who was at the restaurant nearby and asked her to find my STEP T-shirt. She gave it to me; I went into my office to collect my phone and called several lawyers.

At this time Sergeant Rolle who had been shadowing me all along told me I am under arrest and not allowed to us the phone. I asked him if I am allowed to call my lawyer – he said yes go ahead, and hurry up we had to go! While leaving I instructed my wife to call family, STEP supporters, friends, the media, lawyers – everyone!

After walking to the police boat at the dilapidated mail boat dock – and onto the police boat, officer Curtis strapped a life vest on me and told me it was for my safety – although I was the only soul on the boat that wore a life vest! After sometime of shuffling papers with officer # 2766 Rolle, the Farmers Cay police officer; Sergeant Rolle turned to me and said – I am arresting you for “Criminal Liable” against Minister Earl Deveaux. I asked him – so I am not being arrested for slander anymore? He said Criminal Liable. I said to him – we are still here and you said we were in a hurry – he said this is why; the longer I took the more time it would take to leave. Finally we left, four police officers and myself.

We proceeded south towards Exuma, at about the North end of Children Bay Cay one of the boat engines stopped running. Officer Curtis the captain could not get the engine started again. We putted along through the Cays – then on the outside in Exuma Sound. After about one and half hour we docked at Emerald Bay Marina – there we waited a while before a police truck and a rental car came to fetch us.

On the way to George Town with three detectives and myself in the car, we heard on the local radio station 98.3 FM The Breeze – lead story on the 6:00PM news: Terry Bain the spokesman for Save The Exuma Park has been arrested and is being taken to George Town. Sergeant Rolle commented – boy your wife really follow your instructions. I made no comment. We arrived at the Police Detective Unit station in George Town, before entering the door I attempted to make a phone call when officer Smith who did not address me until then, she said to me, in what I felt was a threatening voice: “turn that phone off – you are not allowed to make any calls.” I said Sergeant Rolle said I could make a call! I thought it best to turn my phone off she seemed adamant towards me making a phone call.

Inside I was asked to sit at the back of the room – after some time Sergeant Rolle called me from his desk and said I should sit down – where he told me I had the right to a lawyer; but since there is no lawyer coming he was going to interview me any way. He said I had the right to answer or not to answer – that if I wanted to have a lawyer present he will remand me in custody until I have a lawyer present. I said ask me your questions.

Sergeant Rolle proceeded to ask me questions about the Press Conference on 16th. November 2010, Stafford Creek central Andros. To all of the questions my answer was “NO COMMENT” – except the second question my answer was: “My name is Terry Lamond Bain, I live at Farmers Cay.” After nearly one hour Sergeant Roll said – I am asking you to read this document and sign it.

I told him I would not read the document neither will I sign it! He then said I was free to go. I said you must take me back to Farmers Cay as promised. Sergeant Rolle said he cannot take me back to Farmers tonight – he said he did not promise to take me back (he did promise to bring me back to Farmers Cay in front of three witnesses) that I would have to check with the police boat captain to see if he will take be back to Farmers Cay; he insisted that I was free to go.

I left and stood at the roadside under the street light – I called Michael Minns; who came to the station earlier to ask the police about my status – whether I would need someone to stand my bail or if there was anything I needed – he was told that I was still being interviewed and that he could not help me at that stage. Soon after I called Michael the three offices drove up and said they were going into town; Someone from the car offered to give me a ride into town – I answered: Farmers Cay is in the opposite direction, no thanks!

A short time later Michael arrived and took me to his house – where Mrs. Minns had supper and a room prepared for me. I stayed overnight at the Minns – the next morning I was interviewed by Yvette Rolle of 98.3 FM about the episode of the past day in police custody.

After which I had to find my own way to Barraterre and take a boat back home to Farmers Cay. I did call the police station Friday morning. I could not get the officer in charge of boats Corporal Sarge Charlton – the office that answered the phone said he spoken to him that he said the b oat was not working and I should find my way home.

At Great Exuma and home I received many calls from family, supporters and friends – they are PLP’s and FNM’s – that are appalled by the intended overt police intimidation – obviously bought on by the minister of the environment – and seems; by all indications, sanctioned by the government. Thereby, my view along with others realizes the police attempted intimidation of me on the 12 May 2011 – was in fact politically motivated on a purely civil matter. And, that if the minister believes he has a case against us; he ought to address it to the Attorney General.

Every single and I Bahamian has an inalienable right under the constitution to ask or question any decision or action made by any public official. My detention was clearly another mistake by the government ministers’ involved and can only be viewed as political intimidation.

We seek the help of every Bahamian that will stand with us against this abuse of power by this government on two citizens that has questioned the actions of this government on issues of the environment in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Kamalame Cay, Central Andros and at the mouth of Lyford Cay New Providence. Clearly when Bahamians are nonnative about any issue in the country; there and then we give our governments’ consent to do as they please – obviously is many cases the politicians actions are not favorable to the citizenry – and so we all suffer and the Bahamas is worse off in the process.

When we look at the three detectives that came from Nassau to arrest me – by plane round trip, a rental car, hotel single room for each, overnight and meals, the round trip of the police boat with two 250HP engines from George Town to Farmers Cay. The costs of the whole exercise would be around five thousand dollars. That money the ministry of national security could have spent by sending several hundred school children to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park to see the various development projects going on in the national park. When Bahamians allow this to happen to any of is citizen without protest – then we must realize we no longer live in a democracy but in a police state!


  1. please mr bain don’t feel bad on july 16 2007 i was kidnapped by two cdu officers for one day they told me i wwas arrested for drugs and fire arms and they toke me out of my store but when i got into the car they starded asking me for money and wher i keep itthey took me home and search my houseand found nothing but after the drummer my ten thousand dollars rolex was missing and i remember the last time i saw it was in officers hand the had know I.D numbers but his street name is shabbe and i heard that operate his family jet skies business

  2. It seems like the police are in charge of the country, and its time that the royal bahamas police force turn in there badges and guns and let the bahamian people police our country. it seems like the innocent is suffering and the criminals are going free..Everyday you would here abut police corruption and falsifying evidence,and the judicial system sweeps it under the door mat.The only way we will get justice in this country if you have MONEY (Buy your way out).So for people who dont have money we will suffer .

  3. Bahamians wake up and dont be fool lets us all protect our bahama land. how can you allow a land owner to develop a national park on the land and now in the sea and bahamians are out there carnt get any thing out of the park before they are arrested or run out of the park the officer who arrested Mr Bain some of them want a promotion they have been a constable for years so they will do what papa say rember election is close and religion have nothing to do with this matter, PROTECT OUR PARKS

  4. People must have the right to criticise thier government. and that right must be vigorously defended.
    Unless this brother made some threatening remarks about a cabinte minister or some other individual, I am baffled as to why the police got involve.

    We as a people must watch how the Royal Bahamas Police Force operates when it comes to this government and in particular, this Prime Minister. I tell you, its scary, very scary people.
    don’t take my word, just watch. a better view would be gotten if you begin looking at the Police Staff Association.

    I support the Police, I’m a loooong time supporter of the FNM, and so I’m not advocating support for or against any politicat party. but my country comes first.
    Bahamians!!! lets call it as it is, irregardless of who the offender may be.

  5. If lying to Bahamians were a crime this FNM cabinet along with this self-proclaimed princely minister would all be serving life sentences at Fox Hill.
    What they going to do build a mega prison to house the thousands of Bahamians who would testify in a stack of Bibles how they like to lie to the people.
    Ain’t nobody scared of their well known bully intimation tactics.
    When you lock lockup 50 Bahamians we’ll keep on sending lots of 50 into Rawson Square until you get the peoples message that your days in power as the most selfish and arrogant government in Bahamian history is drawing to a close.
    For the sake of Jesus what is wrong with you’ll, even Sir Stafford Sands would be embarrassed over the way you treat your bothers and sisters.
    You FNM’s have redefined the meaning of arrogance. You don’t even try to hide your bad ways from the people.

  6. What a blatant disgrace on the part of the powers that be! We can all see through this one; a pure act of intimidation in an effort to silence the voices of reason. May I also say to those who seem to think that all Muslims are willing to commit suicide, how ignorant can you be? Would you say that all white people are racist? Are all black people good dancers? To Mr. Bain; seek the advice of a good attorney and sue those at fault in this matter. To those that are drunk with power, your time in power is coming to an end. Ring the bell! DNA we ready now!

  7. I was not going to comment further on the Terry Bain matter but, i feel that i must.In typical Bahamian fashion when we cannot disprove facts we resort to character assassination.Why is it assumed that Terry is somehow mentally unstable because he converted to Islam. There are a number of top Dentists in the Bahamas who converted and do not seem crazy to me because of it. As far as an apology to the RBPF is concerned, it is they who should apologize to us.Each time that the wrongfully arrest Bahamian citizens or unlawfully gun them down, the Bahamian taxpayer pays the bill.If you want to have a sensible discussion stay with the facts. Otherwise shut up!

  8. My God, BP, how did you get this headline? I challenge Terry Bain to come forward and say that HE beleived at any time during this event that the Police planned to kill him. This was purely a routine safety measure since they were responsible for Mr. Bain’s safety. And while some of us may have taken civil action instead of filing criminal charges, IT IS UP TO THE OFFENDED PARTY IN THIS CASE EARL DEVEAUX TO DECIDE THE COURSE OF ACTION DESIRED. For those of you ignorant of the law, please check the PENAL CODE Chapter 84 Section 316. THE LAW IS CLEAR.

  9. I still cannot believe people in this country would side with the police in this? Could you imagine police coming to the Compound of BP to suggest they are investigating a citizen’s complaint of SLANDER? Boy look here!

    We believe the police never knew why they went to arrest Bain. Someone head needs to roll for this.


    • BP Come on now. You guys are intellectuals, don’t buy into this “all made up story” by devilish fella. Did you guys call the Exuma police to verify hisclaims? That should be the first order of business. Finally no one is taking the officers side. Let promote clean commenting on your site also. The Police Officers might not be saints, but I believe also Terry Bain is no saint. I am looking carefully at the comment by “DEE BLACK”. Maybe you can look closely too…

  10. Good morning BP and Good morning Bahamas. Fellow Bahamians, let us all as a people try and assess situations before us before we start attacking others.Example, as soon as we see/ hear/ feel something that is not to our liking, we blame the government. I have voted for both the FNM and the PLP in the past and history will reflect that both parties have their weaknesses and strengths. Whether we like it or not, lets give it to them. Now to the issue, I applaud the police for allowing Terry to wear a life vest. We must appreciate that it was for his own safety. I also applaud the officers for thinking that brilliantly, knowing the fact that Terry Bain might be suicidal because of his religious beliefs – “A CHRISTIAN CONVERTED TO MUSLIM WHILE HE SPENT SOME TIME IN LIBYA”. And also taking into consideration the recent events in Libya and Pakistan. Terry seems to be a radical and may be capable of anything – even suicide. Although I have no difficulty with one’s religious beliefs, necessary steps had to be taken to protect lives. Bravo Exuma Police Officers. Looking back at the Andros press conference, Terry indeed, as all of us would recall, branded the Hon. Minister as corrupt with no possible proof. If he has the proof then let him present same to the relevant authorities. Coming out of the press conference also, one can see clearly that this gentleman has no respect for authority. We as citizens must all know our places. Let the government do their jobs and we do ours. Even though I support Terry and his friend for trying to ensure that the Bahamas is preserved for our fellow yet unborn, we must be careful for our actions today will affect thier tomorrow. If Investors take issue with the comments and views of people like Terry and stop coming to develop our Bahamas, and what if the tourists find new and cheaper destinations, then we will cause future generations to suffer at our own hands. Lets protect our Bahamas, but at the same time try to be friendly to esepecially our tourists. Please allow the government to do their jobs….

  11. What are we as a people/country comming to Lord have mercy take contrlo we your people need your guidance and your protection you say in your word that you are our battle ax a weapon in time of war if we ever needed the Lord before we sure do need you now.

  12. because of his religions background he may had been suicidal so i don’t blame the poilce for taking the necessary precations to gave him a life vest taking into consideration the recent event of gadafi and osama bin laden.mr bain is a mulsin so i agree with the police 100% for giving him the life vest to ensure their safety

    • Brenda go get a life. Slandering someone is NOT CRIMINAL LIABLE! GO GET A LIFE! PLEASEEEEE!


  13. HALF TRUTHS STILL ARE STILL LIES. AND THOSE MAKING THEM ARE NOTHING MORE THAN BOLD FACED LIERS. Mr. Bain’s depiction of the events which led to his arrest and subsequent interview by the Police are nothing more than lies mixed with half truths. It must be clearly understood that we must all be careful of the words which proceeds out of mouths, for we may be held accountable for them. Far to many times persons have made statements about others which are not true, and the spirit of such statements are nothing more than to defame and to slander. Lets not make a hero out of a coward, Mr. Bain is nothing more than a political tool for The PLP, and his job is to create as much political mischief as he can in the Exumas. He is stupid enough to say what, the coward PLP MPs dear not say, because they know that they would suffer a similar fate and be hauled before the courts for slanderous lies. NOW TO ADDRESS ‘BP’ SHAME ON YOU ALL AT BAHAMAS PRESS, I THINK YOU OWE THE ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE AN APOLOGY, THERE IS NOTHING IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE THAT WOULD REMOTELY SUGGESTS THAT THE POLICE HAD ANY INTENTION TO KILL TERRY BAIN! SHAME ON YOU ALL, SAY SORRY AND MEAN IT DAMN IT!

    • DEE this is the account of the victim! Where is your account to suggest these are LIES?

      Earl Deveaux and this WUTLESS vICKED FNM GOvernment should hang their heads in DAMN SHAME for using the police in this manner. A ROYAL COMMISSION IS COMING and for such naked abuse someone ga answer!



    I challenge you to tell me of any other Bahamian resident going back 7,000 years to when our first known residents the Siboney Indians the first known residents of the Bahamas who was ever arrested for this so called criminal slander as alleged?
    If there is then they need to crank up their old prison bus and round up all the FNM’s in this government who have said things in an attempt to discredit any man or woman, Bahamian, or legal guests in our Bahamaland, who have dared to stand up against the total arrogance of this government.

  15. Slander and Liable are not arrestable offenses, you file a complaint and have that person summoned to court. As a public figure MP Earl Deveaux gave up some of his private citizen rights.
    Supposed Terry Bain ended up dead in police custody or worse floating in the ocean? Heads need to roll and we need to know who ordered this arrest. My Lord I can’t even report crime in my own country cause I don’t know who the police in bed with!!! I weep for my Bahama land.

  16. I cannot see the Police arresting Mr Bain, interviewing him and allowing him to go without even taking him back home to his family knowing hat Mr. Bain’s home is farmers cay. According to what I am hearing, the arrest wasnot necessary nor was it justifiable. The course of action (if Mr Deveaux have one) is to seek legal action against Mr. Bain. Whome ever directed the Officers to arrest Mr. Bain should be punish. Let us not stretch the arms of the law where it should not go.
    Mr. Bain you should demand and apology and seek legal recourse for damages.

  17. This is shocking. Who in the hell do Papa and his princes think they really are? I think we all know the answer but to say it might result in a bunch of uniformed people at our front doors.
    Remind me again, who was that minister that offered to resign over a free ride on a helicopter, but when he offered Papa couldn’t accept his resignation cause he too had been free helicopter cruising?

  18. The Police has a responsibilty to investigate complaints brought before them. YES IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO DEFAME ANOTHER VIA PRINT MEDIA. Earl Deveaux is a citizen also and it is my understanding that Terry Bain said that Mr Deveaux received kick-backs. If Mr Bain has proof of this then the Law allows for him to be vindicated. If he doesn’t then he would do well to watch how he accuses others.

  19. da fnm get the police broking da law man!! this sick monster we call pm get greenslade officers looking like a jack ass these police wife should kick them in they ass for being a fnm maxi pad all they see is red when the bahamians turn against them all hell will broke loos while papa will be home chilling am starting to loos my respect for the rbpf. greenslade need to speak out and stop letting papa make him look bad.

  20. Bahamas Press you talk about freedom of speech as Bahamaian…I made a comment in regards to this article and you delete the post…What does this say about you!!!!If you don’t agree with my opinion don’t delete suck it up..Truth hurts huh.

      • Shouldn’t an arrest come after your satisfied that an offence has been committed, rather than as a tool to investigate? To verify whether the allegations being put forth my Mr. Bain towards the minister are indeed untrue, an investigation must be conducted to verify Mr. Bain accusations. The allegations being suggested are more egregious than defaming the minister’s character. Was the minister brought in by the police and interrogated like Mr. Bain was.

  21. When are we going to realize that the Bahamas is a quasi-democratic country? All governments in this country, past and present act democratically when its in their best interest and then in a blink of an eye goes all “Fidel Castro” when they need to!

    This is what happens where there are no institutions that truly provide checks and balances on those who wield power!

    Wake up Bahamas!

  22. As a law abiding citizen of the Bahamas, when you do nothing fear nothing. Even if matters got to this extent you should no that those police officers are only doing there job and for a person of a educated background you should be thankful the police officer was prepare to save your life by offering you the life vest.

    • i will rather see a man eat **** than to talk ****. the truth is the police don’t know what they job is. they just sit back and wait on papa to tell them who to lockup next. custom raid robin hood was only doing they job aye? yall better stop talking ****. that order came down from the top. so wipe ya mouth ya talking plenty ****.

  23. Is slander an arrestable offence and if it is not then the arresting officer is liable. With him knowing that this was not a criminal act he should have governed himself accordingly. No Minister or Police Commissioner can tell you to violate anyone’s rights. So if this information is true he should file a lawsuit against the officer and the police force. Any officer finding himself having to defend against such actions would think twice before violating someone else’s rights.

    • @ Same old…:

      I do believe that you are 100% correct in your analysis! The recent high-handed actions on the part of FNM MP’s and their supporting police officers all threaten to ruin our democratic society.

      During the recent BTC protest marches, many persons who merely voiced their disapproval of FNM MP’s were questioned, searched by the police and detained for the maximum holding time without any criminal charges being filed.

      Shameless!!! But soon and very soon, these violtors of our rights will be removed from the exercise and abuse of any power!

  24. There is an old saying-Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. Mr.Bain do not stop the quest to save our beautiful Bahamas for generations of Bahamians yet unborn.. If you need financial and moral support we as Bahamians are willing and able to support you.

  25. BP. Neither Libel or slander or criminal offences requiring that an accused be arrested; they are civil offences. The person alleging that he was either slandered(words said) or libelled ( words printed) may take out a summons stating his/her reasons why they believe that either occurred and have the summons served. This is another indication that our country is going to hell in an hand basket.Police should know better or, ask for guidance from their superiors before going out on these fools errands.

  26. my my terry you right on the money. i notice we was getting worst when i see bahamians came down town with paper bags on they head in 07′ when they were reading from the thrown. we allow one power sick man to bring us to are knees. but they must remember when ya power full be mercy full. hypocrisy is in full swing in the bahamas this is so sick..

  27. Terry Bain Sir, I want you to know that every right thinking Bahamian have your back. What was done to you is crimminal in every respect and I hope in your civil action against those responsible you will seek not only money but a pulbic admitting of the events bu those responsible. It is truly a sad day in the Bahamas when citizens can not voice their disagreement about any action by any gov’t for any reason. I hope that this action will assist you in your case against the dredging in Bell Island.S.T.E.P forever.

  28. Papa has created a Tonton Macoute like his hero: Papa Doc. Hang in there Terry, good thing you notified family and friends… some have died in police custody in Bahamaland!! You were lucky!!Although Earl Deveaux has shown his hand and moved into a million dollar condo at the Caves (he must have discovered a ship-wreck in the Exuma land and sea park), he will face the music sooner rather than later. Papa is a dictator, and like all “good” dictators he uses the organs of the state to try and “mash up” his opponents. What a corrupt creep!

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