Theo Neilly’s Launch For North Eleuthera A Total Flop


Theo Neilly

North Eleuthera, Bahamas –Theo Neilly has been campaigning for two years for the nomination for North Eleuthera. On Saturday past on Harbour Island he had a launch event for his bid for 2012. There were a number of very interesting things to be noted.

First, Alvin Smith is the sitting Member of Parliament for North Eleuthera and a member of the Free National Movement. Has Neilly been ratified? If not, this should be very insulting to the Speaker and his family for the outright disrespect shown by Neilly. Further, he is further increasing the problem because many still view him as a PLP and now many are saying he has no respect for the majority of the FNMs.

Secondly, Theo Neilly had less than 50 people at the event. How is this possible when Abner Pinder is telling everyone that he is the “people’s man”. So where were the people? It is understood that he is being pushed by certain individual in the FNM, but why when it is obvious that the people really do not want him? Anyone, who says different then they should have been there. I imagine now that to save face if the FNM really wants him, they can host another event and use the national party machinery to bring people out. However, the bottom line it was a failure and an embarrassment for the FNM as the event was held at the Harbour Island FNM Headquarters!

Third, to speak to the severity of this failure he has been campaigning for a long time for the seat. Also, he had free food, drinks and entertainment and yet he flopped. This means one of two tings the people really do not want Theo or North Eleuthera gone yellow. Theo Neilly loves photos, where are the photos of this event on his page?

Forth, Richard Lightbourne has been spending money left right and center recently on Eleuthera in an effort to gain traction and Colin Ingraham is said to still be campaigning and is possibly the best hope for the FNM in North Eleuthera. I read an article today on the Eleutheran News, at the very least, Colin has ideas for the development of North Eleuthera. So if Theo Neilly has been ratified the party should tell the rest.

The FNM better pay attention to this and not make the mistake of running Theo. He cannot win! Yes, he has some support, but far too many people do not want him and Saturday’s major flop tells a very clear story.

Neilly will lose big time to PLP ROCKSTAR candidate, Clay Sweeting.


  1. B P you never cease to amaze me. I don’t know if you realize that you are constanly showing your fear of Theo but it is plain for all to see, because you admit that you will be happy with whoever the FNM chooses as long as it is not Theo. WHY?
    Brent nor Abner will decide who runs for the FNM , the people of north eleu. will decide who they want , I do not have to deliver anything the people will DELIVER and that is what you and Mr. Canesfins Pinder are deathly afraid of because you know it is a REALITY that you can’t do anything about. Th FNM has 3 or 4 wonderful people that are willing to represent the north, all are GOOD people.
    It won’t be long before your fears are finally shown for what they really are.

    • NO NO NO ABNER, the people of North Eleuthera will accept whoever Hubert ALEXANDER INGRAHAM AKA PAPA sends for you to accept. GET IT RIGHT and stop being in denial of the facts!


      • Oh MY I FORGOT. Yinna does judge his Corn by your Bushel Basket., and you know that that is what ya’ll do so you figure that that is what we do.

  2. The Pro-Colin responses are so laughable, I wouldn’t be a little bit surprised it he were writing them himself! This is too funny. If the party decides to go with Theo that’s on them, I’ll live with it, but I assure you, Colin is not even a consideration!
    In any event Mr. God almighty, who determines where people are from or where their roots are, we’ll see what happens, it ain long now. Oh by the way, Eleuthera is my business, born bred and I live here!

  3. Colin Ingraham will make a good representative. He has always been helpful, respectful and sociable. Even when he was younger he was always a bit more mature, in fact he spend much of his time with the older men. You do not have to support him, but running on with utter foolishness is not necessary.

    Again Colin may not be rich, but he has never been in trouble and a good example in personal and professional life. I remember when he use to come around with the lecturers from COB and bring down the other staff members on holidays up here.

    I will not disrespect the other potentials and Lord knows Lonnie is a good person. But Colin is the best potential candidate and if he is selected, I am quite sure Gregory Town will support him and from what I hear so will Hatchet Bay.

    Who does not know him will get to know him. Quite frankly know one new Clay before he was nominated.

    North going with Colin.

  4. Who is you Felix? Cornell ain’ just come around and he has always been real people. Many of us believe Cornell will be a good MP. I see you diss, him and Theo, but they are the only two who the young people into. You really do not sound like no real FNM. If Cornell is candidate we ready to ride or die. cold!

  5. When you do not know a man, you call him Mister.

    Colin Ingraham or Cornell as most of us in Gregory Town knows him where he lived for years. Was always an intelligent and honest young man. We know Cornell very well. His father is Edward Bethel of Hatchet Bay and he had uncles Bridge, Claudius and Sidney Bethel and his aunt was Geleta Bethel who maried a Kemp. She was the nurse in Hatchet Bay for years. I am surprised you did not know that. If I could remember properly, I even believe he related to Lonnie Rolle, as his grand mother was a Rolle.

    Felix you obviously don’t know and that is fine. However, do you made far to many absolute statements that are not based on facts. I will suggest you visit with his family the Bethel’s, Johnson’s, Kemp’s and the Whyte’s.

    While living in Gregory Town, I cannot speak to anywhere else I know he like his sister Sheena lived in a number of different settlements in North Eleuthera. He was very active playing and coaching on the Gregory Town basket ball team and he was always helpful around the community. In fact just the other day he sent up nearly 50 plants to assist with the Gregory Town beautification project. Then recently, the same Cornell provided clothing for a family of five in North Eleuthera whose house was burned and everything destroyed. That is just some of what he did and does and always has, not just now that he is interested in politics.

    Felix, if you want to know some of the other things that Cornell has done recently, you can speak Austin Hepburn. He always bragging that he likes him cause he gets things done, I wonder how come you don’t know this though.

    When Cornell left Eleuthera around 95 to 96, not exactly sure when he went to the College of The Bahamas. Every year for close to decade he came to Eleuthera and spoke at all the schools and sometimes community meetings and he assisted many Eleutherans in being accepted to COB and gaining financial aid. I was also told he use to go around to different Family Islands doing the same thing and Leighton from Gregory Town who works at COB could tell you that.

    I don’t know if you count that as being successful but that is what I know of him. He was always a humble, helpful worker. I am happy to hear that he is interested in politics, he has a good heart and is very intelligent.

    I would vote for him in heart beat, but that may be because he is my family too. I guess I am not from Eleuthera either.

  6. Colin Ingraham does not have a snow ball chance in hell of being nominated and if he did he cannot win the seat. Colin has no affiliation whatsoever with Eleuthera. Firstly he doesn’t know anybody there, the people that he currently speaks with he just recently met. If you go anywhere within that constituency and asked who Colin Ingraham is among FNM’s they don’t know. Lonnie Rolle has more traction there than he does. Colin is not an Eleutheran, my kind suggestion to him is, GET REAL, SNAP OUT OF IT! North Eleuthera will nominate somebody that can win! Further colin has not accomplished anything in his personal life, why are we to believe that he can cause a constituency to be successful. He needs to go back under that rock where he came from. We North Eleutherans are quite capable of finding a good North Eleutheran to represent us! By the way I don’t think Theo is good for North Eleuthera either, but Brent seem to be insistent on him, so Abner must deliver! Abner says that Theo is the only one that can win the seat! God help us if that’s the case! I think it speaks to Abner’s intelligence to make such a statement and it shows that something is fundamentally wrong with our party if that’s the case. I think that Theo is one of the few people that can lose the seat. In any regard, to God be the glory.

    • The stupid felix can not be a FNM and if by Gods grace you are. Stay out of Eleuthera business. You cant vote in Eleuthera. North will make the best choice with out you. You are a disgrace to the FNM and keep Great Eleuthera out your mouth.The FNM will get the best and they will WIN two seats in Eleuthera if be Ingraham or Neely in the north. who you want for the money will not get it in this life time . his time past. Get over it felix.FNM all the way

  7. People ain’ on Theo run, we know this dude. Young guys ain into what he into, we don’t go dat way. So da FNm betta come again. Dey sen theo dey ga get they tings. We in Eleuthera ain on no all man type wibe either. So dat out, if he wan by me a drink cool, but das it.

  8. I was there and it was poorly attended, what made the croud was the people of the yellow group they decided to go because it wasn,t hardly any one there so they made the croud, only the faithful few FNMs was there.

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