We wonder how much this presentation to the helicopter man cost

Environment Minister Earl Deveaux is presented with a shark cartoon about The Bahamas, illustrated by Jim Toomey. Pictured from left to right: Eric Carey, BNT executive director; the Hon. Earl Deveaux, Minister of the Environment; and Shelley Cant, BNT member.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Environment Minister Earl Deveaux was presented with an autographed Guy Harvey shark conservation campaign poster, as a token of appreciation for his continued support of the Bahamas National Trust’s programme.  Minister Deveaux was also presented with a cartoon illustrated especially for The Bahamas by Jim Toomey.

On May 13, Eric Carey, Executive Director of the BNT paid a courtesy call on Minister Deveaux in the conference room of the Ministry of the Environment at Dockendale House.  Joining Mr. Carey were BNT members Lynn Gape and Shelley Cant.


  1. Bahamians after having a long time to observe the two prime ministers have good reason to suspect that Christie and Ingraham had in fact a long time back it is true that as law partners the two hatched a plan that would result in the two of them having exclusivity of alternating between which one of them becomes nation’s prime minister or leader of the official opposition from election to election.
    This alleged conspiracy was never more apparent than when the then PM Christie appointed Mother Pratt as the acting PM during his illness and instructed her to consult with only former PM Ingraham should she ran into any problems and needed advice she could relay on and trust. Both Christie and Ingraham have since confirmed this arrangement.
    The million dollar question now has to be will the DNA leadership sufficiently resonate with Bahamians to finally rewrite decades of Bahamian third party history, by witnessing a new just out of the gate party spreading enough go green to see then being elected as the next Official Opposition Party, or even a greater historic game changer, the Bahamas going green enough to elect the DNA as the next government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas?
    One option never talked about, is it possible for the Bahamas to go green enough to see a minority government governing for the first time in Bahamian history?
    Another possibility cannot be ruled out and that is to see the Bahamas totally rejecting any idea of changing to any shade of green, sending yet another fringe party to the graveyard of failed fringe parties where green never grows?
    Regardless of what the voters eventually decide to do with their votes this is rearing up to be one hell of an interesting General elections.

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