The Acrimony Coming From Those Who Oppose The Government Is Suffocating


By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

It is most depressing to me, and I am sure all Bahamians who have the welfare of our country at heart, to see the continuing hostile attitude that seems to pervade the relationship between the present political party in power and those on the other side of the table, both in and out of Parliament, the place which has been specifically designed for them to come together and work to find programmes and projects that would work for the benefit all the people of our nation, irrespective of political persuasion or any other diversity.

Most disheartening is the fact that the overriding atmosphere in all the deliberations between these two factions is that most times we get the feeling that there is more than mere opposition to one another, but a deep feeling of acrimony at the highest level. This is evident in the manner in which they seem to explore all means to discredit the efforts of either one or the other in whatever are they are engaged, not only politically, but more devastating on the personal level.

The present situation is not only troubling in that it must definitely serve to keep hampering any progress we should be making, but that it will continue to keep our people divided, thereby lessening the general national effort towards our advancement. On the psychological level, it is eating away at the self-confidence and pride which we should be displaying as citizens of a sovereign nation. Also, in an area in which I have been proven to be specially interested and effective, it is little by little eroding the respect in our leaders and institutions in our youths, something which would have an adverse effect when the time comes for them to play their part in our national affairs.

I would like to ask all our leaders to up the level of their dialogue and interaction to the point where statesmanship and goodwill become the hallmarks of their interaction, as this would serve to create an atmosphere which would make all our people feel a part of the national effort but, moreso, facilitate all their endeavours towards the material progress of our people.