The Administration at SAC has the final say in this case with Reggie Forbes and the school should act on its authority!


St. Augustine College, or any learning institution for that matter, does not have to tolerate ill-mannered, rude, disruptive clownish behavior by any student in school! The solution is simple – why is this case dragging on?!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press believes the time has come for us to lend our views to this development down at St. Augustine’s College where Dean of Students and administrator of the corporal punishment -aka “Black Beauty” – at the school is under attack.

Mr. Reggie Forbes was brought before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on Thursday, just hours before a long holiday weekend was to begin. Fellow teachers supported him, along with parents, who all agree that he should have wailed the backside of a student for his actions at the school.

Now, our view is that, from the photos, the punishment was indeed excessive. However, by the school’s authority, corporal punishment is allowed. Additionally, in this case when one level of punishment is not sufficient or acceptable, the school must remind parents that their institution is a private one and by no means is it necessary or mandatory for the school to accept the actions of the student who has disrupted the learning environment.

The authority in SAC must therefore exercise its ultimate authority [THAT OF EXPULSION] if they are now threatened at this level by any parent! They have no obligation to any parent’s behavior! What is this when people in leadership cannot understand their authority to save an institution?

Now, we do not agree with what has transpired in the courts and we invoke the alumni working in the police and the courts to better serve the community in this matter. On Tuesday the court date was changed due to discrepancies. On Thursday, as the magistrate convened court to read the charge sheet and formally advise Mr. Forbes why he was before her – the paperwork in the case has suddenly vanished! Now something must be wrong with this and we cry shame on the culprits. The Bahamas cannot continue to operate successfully when pettiness undermines our systems and saving face becomes the norm.

We advise the school and the parents to come to an amicable agreement over this silly matter, which has become a waste of public resources. And if such cannot be done – allow the court to hear the matter. The school has his rights and authority. And if these parents can’t apply discipline to their misbehaving, rude and poorly socialized children – THE SCHOOL MUST SEND DEM HOME AND LET THE PARENTS FIND A SOLUTION TO THEIR WICKED PROBLEMS!

All we say is this to the SAC Administrators: YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN THIS – why drag this on?

We report yinner decide!