The granddaughter of Milo Butler burtally attacked by Prime Minister Christie in the Parliament – NOT GOOD FOR PLP RECORD TOWARDS WOMEN!


Christie branded as The Prime Minister who lost his cool against a female member of Parliament – Plenty young females insulted by the actions of the PM

Prime Minister Christie resort to a low attack against women in the Parliament! News not good for the PLP! Junkanoo on BAY STREET!

Nassau, Bahamas — If Pindling sat in the Parliament today he perhaps would disapprove sharply of the comments expressed by the woman who may have accused him of being “INCOMPETENT” in the process of legalizing the gambling business. Under no circumstances would the Father of the Nation lead the Parliament down a road paved with humiliating insults and bastardizing commentary against women.

Perry Christie this week scolded the opposition for their hypocrisy and failure to support his government on a bill to expand voting privileges for the electorate. And as the bill passed with a 27 to 4 majority, the language from the lips of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister went low.

The Party of Butler, Pindling, and Hanna got low and tasteless against the granddaughter of Sir Milo after she attacked the Prime Minister in the Parliament this week.

Bahamas Press has no horse in this race, however, we cannot help but defend the member for Long Island who by nature was the weaker of the lot and who was savagely hunted down in the Parliament by the Prime Minister who attacked her very nature as a woman.

The response by the Prime Minister was unbecoming of the statesman, who has inherited the Party that has had a long legacy of delivering rights to Bahamian women all across the country.

In fact, it is 50 years ago this year that Bahamian women fought and struggled for the rights for the weaker vessel in this society.

Loretta Butler-Turner - MP for Long Island under attack in the House by Prime Minister Christie.

Some would argue that the behaviour by the granddaughter of Sir Milo was unbecoming of decent women who first brought a touch of class to the Parliament. Many believe women like Janet Bostwick left an indelible mark on the Parliament for many who would follow, and therefore many agree that Mrs. Butler-Turner was doing damage to her own legacy and reputation.

But the Prime Minister had to spoil that fact. Mr. Christie appeared, however, to express his distaste of the member in a rude way, repeatedly referring to her weight and her demeanor in the sacred chamber.

Rather than allow one of his “Established Political Sons” to carry out the assassin’s job, Christie made it clear that he was the marksman for the job against Loretta Butler-Turner, and that he could care less what the damage would be to his political record.

One would believe by now after serving in the House for more than 35 years, Mr. Christie would not only know how to behave, but how to treat women who he knows would garner political sympathy almost immediately after being savagely beaten and torn in shreds in front of the nation.

We ga say it again: there are no examples of Sir Lynden doing the same against any female Member of Parliament.

Some would argue and we would agree that the Prime Minister went too far out of line on this one and forever will be branded as the Prime Minister who lost his cool against a female member of Parliament. THIS IS NOT GOOD!

the conclusion leaves us to ask the question: Do they believe in women?

We report yinner decide!