The killer of a single mother murdered on GB back in 2019 skips bail on August 20, 2020 – and police on New Providence have yet to alert the public of his disappearance ….

Kendrick Hanna aka BJ and Monet Rolle in happier times before 2019.
BJ Hanna

NASSAU| A single mother is dead, her killer has skipped bail, the couple’s daughter is left without parents and the victim’s family is left without any recourse of justice.

Bahamas Press was the first to give you the story of Kendrick Hanna aka BJ, who stabbed his live-in female friend Monet Rolle to death. She was stabbed multiple times after she attempted to end the relationship after she discovered that Hanna, a physical education teacher at a Grand Bahama school, was a BIG CLOSET BALLERINA (yinner know what we mean).

That night, as the unthinkable happened and police arrived on the scene, BP team on the ground was rolling the cameras as Hanna faked his death, jumping from three stories high and landing on the ground.

We at BP forgot about the story but, thanks to hardworking journalists at Our News, an update has come.

Now listen to this: Hanna was granted bail, clipped off his ankle bracelet more than 18 months ago and no one, not the police, not the judge, not the prisoners, not even his family, knows where the killer has vanished. WHAT IS THIS?

All last year and in late 2020 police in New Providence have yet to announce to the public that a known killer is on the run from them and no police station can tell us when was the last time Hanna signed at the desk for his bail conditions. WHAT IS THIS, BAHAMAS?! In short, a killer has vanished out of protective custody of the STATE and no one gives a damn about the murdered single mother’s family!

So get this: while all us were in lockdown, back on August 20th, 2020, Hanna clipped and threw away his ankle bracelet. The  device was last tracked to a harbour in Eastern New Providence – but he was never found.

A bench warrant was issued for Hanna on August 31st, 2020 and yet not one media in the country was told that a killer was on the run from police. (TALK ABOUT CRIME DOWN?).

We say it like this: Justice for the poor and the vulnerable is under attack in the Bahamas led by cold criminals! And what is worse is the fact that women and children are at the centre of this deep INJUSTICE in our system!

Watch this now: Hanna was living in New Providence, walking around on bail around members of the public. And yet TWO YEARS TO THIS DAY Police on New Providence have yet to tell yinner (JOE PUBLIC) they cannot find nor know the whereabouts of the killer of Monet Rolle?

Bahamas Press is calling on our INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, INTERPOL, THE FBI, MI6, THE CIA, THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE, THE DRUG UNIT OR ANY AGENCY SEEING THIS POST to please let us know if yinner can locate a Kendrick Hanna aka BJ in your jurisdiction. The police on New Providence have yet to tell us a KILLER could be somewhere in or OUTSIDE THE BAHAMAS AND WE NEED YINNER HELP IN LOCATING HIM!

And if this does not work, we call on the powers of THE ALMIGHTY to bring this criminal to swift justice!

Boy, I tell ya – we feel this one is for the family of Monet Rolle. HOW WE GET LIKE THIS?!

We report yinner decide!