The King of Thieves team up with CBL’s NEWCO!


By Derek Johnson
for Bahamas Press

Arrogance is one word that can be used to describe Damion Blackburn, CEO of NewCo. Perhaps, all the power and the position makes the newly crowned CEO feel invincible, untouchable, and above the law. But when you build your company’s foundation on deception, inexperience and lack of money, you may well find yourself in Mr. Blackburn’s position. He is scrambling around town in search of money to desperately fund a cash strapped NewCo and seeking the assistance of the KING OF THIEVES, none other than Rudy Kermit King, aka Dr. Rudy King, aka Rudy Laroda.
Blackburn has reportedly met with King at a 5 star restaurant located down town recently and was begging him for financial assistance to aid his struggling cellular company.

Anything crooked and shady you can name, Rudy King has been involved. Two years ago King received a 23 count indictment in a joint investigative effort by the US Secret Service and the US Postal Inspection in charges against him for mail fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft in a scheme to defraud in the United States.

According to the indictment “Rudolph Kermit King created fake corporations that he then used in order to create merchant accounts with credit card processors. Then he would increase the amount of money with the merchant account, by charging, using unauthorized access devices. These funds would then be deposited to a small business checking account under King’s control. From this, he withdrew funds. King used unauthorized access devices to purchase goods and services to fund his lifestyle,” said a release from the Unites States Attorney General for the Southern District of Florida.

Also, who can forget in 2004, the King of Thieves was accused of attempting to defraud American Express of $400,000 dollars. American Express was awarded a judgement against him.
In 2006 King declared bankrupt by the Bahamas Supreme Court, the result of an unpaid $800,000 dollars debt for house renovations. The court order was terminated in November 2008.

In 2007, King was detained in Los Angeles, California, allegedly in connection with attempt to defraud the US government’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) OF $2.7 million dollars. What happened next would make even Harry Houdini extremely jealous. King surrendered his passport to the courts then was placed in a jail cell at a correctional facility in Los Angeles at night fall. The following morning when the guard executes his head counts of inmates, The King of Thieves was gone, vanished in thin air and but surprisingly appears in the Bahamas days later as if he was never in a California correctional facility.

Damion Blackburn was the former Ceo at Digicel in Haiti and henchmen for its owner Dennis O’brien. Blackburn is no angel himself. He was the CEO of Digicel Haiti when allegations of corruption surfaced which involved political figures in the Haitian government. Digicel funded a government tax on education that was an illegal tax and fund of which the collection and use of funds lacked transparency, with millions of dollars, not all of which went to education.

The King of Thieves and Blackburn make an interesting couple. Something shady is about to go down and like a grenade that’s about to explode, you better run in the opposite direction for safety. Someone is about to get swing and I pray its not the Bahamian people. The climate at Newco presently is bad and adding Rudy King to the mix in the Bahamas, means it’s about to get worse.