The Love Affair, “ALL THE WAY WITH CLAY”

The strong contingent from Noth Eleuthera at Gambier House last night.

Spanish Wells, Bahamas — The PLP meeting at Gambier House was the place to be last night. Sources have told BP, the Ladies in the meeting had the “Spirit” as Clay Sweeting got up to speak. He thanked the 82 member strong contingent that travelled from North Eleuthera to witness his ratification. We were  told, “it was a love affair.”

Thousands gather to greet PLP Leader Perry Christie - File Photo

A junkanoo group also travelled from North Eleuthera, to beat the songs of freedom, as the hand writing is on the wall for the outgoing Ingraham regime. Christie, we were told, was energized as he fed off the enthusiasm of the crowd. He was seen moving like a rock star.

The large contingent travelled back to North Eleuthera this morning and when the boat docked at Spanish Wells, there were close to 100 persons there to greet and applaud Clay Sweeting. They were said to be shouting, ” a new day with clay, we going all the way.

The agent for the fast ferry in Spanish Wells, is said to be a close and personal Friend of “Papa” and was said to be visibly shaken after seeing the size of the crowd and the amount of young people that showed up this morning. “Well muddoes”,he muttered as he smoked three cigarettes in succession.

Strong PLPs from Spanish Wells, JC and all throughout North Eleuthera want Change and will support PLP candidate Clay Sweeting.


  1. B P a guilty conscience is soemething I do not know the meaning of .I am the agent in sp. wells and proud to be and there is only one agent here and also no one else in my office smokes only me and I still say bring it on my brother I have no fear.

        • If you are gonna write a story, then stand behind it or withdraw it! Of course you spoke about Abner Pinder. He is the only Agent for Fast Ferries in SW. There is no doubt that when you say “PM” you refer to HAI, even if you don’t call his name explicitly. The level of journalism from you continues to plunder as you have obviously become a political operative just like the rest of the “wutless media” you often condemn!

  2. Dear B P, Lies and untruths will only backfire at the end of the day, because people know better. I was not even on sp.wells when your crowd of Rowdy Loud mouth people came on the Bohengy. I was in nassau and I would not brag about traveling with them because I am sure that the tourists that were on the boat going to nassau were wondering if they were in an asylum.
    Also you know me and you know that I am not afraid of anyone.Contrary to the lie about how many people were on the dock to greet them my people who were there did not see anyone there to greet them, so I guess that illusion is like the one ya’ll have about winning N. Eleuthera.
    Yes we know that most PLP’S will support Clay but you will be shocked at how many PLP’S that will vote for Theo this time around.
    Also on one of your other pages I see talk about Theo and why he switched, well I can tell you that all of that is a bunch of garbage because I know for a fact that Ryan Pinder tried on at least 2 or 3 occasions to talk Theo out of running for the FNM but after he could not persuade him then Ryan had to try finding someone else and that is how Clay got chosen, so as is always the case make sure you tell the truth because it will come out in the end

    • But Abner who called your name? Read the article again and you would find we never ever called the name of Abner Pinder. Is it a guilty conscience?


    • I know who you are afraid of Abner, it’s the Cuban you payed the police off to run off the little island because you assume that he was in your way!!!!! The reason you did that was because he told you who you are; a drug dealer with money involved in politics!

  3. I was one of those present at the meeting and who among many who broke out in cold sweat when that crowd and the band entered that room. Praise God! For He is Good and His mercies endureth forever.

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