The Minnis Administration cannot collect garbage anymore?


Why are so many areas on New Providence suffering with no garbage collection since the first week of December? Are not people being paid to do this?

Garbage all along Cable Beach strip.

Nassau – The extreme lack of garbage collection is getting worse in the capital. If you drive around the island, all you see is piles and tons of waste from the busy holidays, all uncollected by the sanitation department.

Melony Mckenzie, the Bahamas’ Director for Environment Control Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Public Sanitation Beautification and Maintenance [All these titles], told reporters this week that the collection was to speed up and that truck routes would double their collections in the coming days.

Bahamas Press understands that contracts were taken from some truckers during the holidays and awarded to new drivers who have no trucks – THUS THE COLLECTION CRISIS!

The Minnis Government must be much smarter than this, especially after “managing” the dengue crisis in the last Ingraham Administration, which saw the deaths of citizens as a result. Dengue came as a result of the lack of waste collection across the island.

Even touristic communities like Cable Beach have not been spared the wrath of growing fly and insect populations due to the lack of collections. In some heavily populated communities the waste is overflowing and leaving the raw scent of refuse in the areas. This cannot be healthy!

One observer told BP, “The Government agencies know that the holidays are a period of the year of extreme garbage buildup, especially after all the parties and events, but collection stops – and for weeks.”

We report yinner decide!