Corruption by judges in the 2018/19 Junkanoo Parades exposes a new level of bribery and insider trading between groups and judges…


An alleged audio exposes judges arranging payments for higher point scoring!

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Nassau – Bahamas Press is following serious bribe taking and insider trading allegations among judges scoring at the 2018/19 Boxing Day and New Years Day parades.

Sources tell us the JCNP has now called an emergency meeting to get to the bottom of the allegations, which were exposed in an audio recording of judges collecting bribes from group members in order to arrange the results in a particular scoring of the parade.

An audio, which reveals the way the bribes/insider trading occurred, is now before a panel at the JCNP and the response will change the way judging is done for the parades.

Bahamas Press wonders if any criminal charges will be brought against judges who collected the money. Will their identities be exposed? Will they be banned and disqualified from participating in Junkanoo? And what about the groups who engaged in this corrupt, dishonorable, scandalous offence?  Will this result in a new announcement of the scoring results of the parades? Why would a judge collect a sweetener to tilt scoring and award favors in the national cultural event? This must be treasonous to say the least and goes against the grain of the integrity and honour expected by judges. Something must be done about this crime!

Here we have a real crime being committed – and yet nothing is being heard from the Anti-Corruption Unit! But I tell ya – when ya motives are wrong to begin with, you get exposed all around.

Anyway, we at BP shall continue to examine these developments and report as more details become available.

We report yinner decide!