The Naked Abuse By BUT President Belinda Wilson Continues…$100,000 moved from Teachers Pension Fund!!!!

Belinda Wilson - Outgoing BUT President

Information from the BUT first executive meeting reveals shocking news to the country. Bahamas Press can confirm Belinda Wilson has gone mad and is on a path to bleed the union dry.

Educators could look forward to a bankrupt union in short order. Bahamas Press publishes a statement issued by BUT Secretary General Stephen McPhee to the members yesterday.

27th September, 2010

Dear Members,

RE: Major Decisions Made at Executive Meeting – Friday 24th September, 2010

The new Executive Committee was sworn in on Friday 24th 2010 at the National Secretariat, but not without incident. Immediately following the brief ceremony, the Executive Committee had its first meeting. Please note the Following decisions:

National Secretariat/District Office

  • The new committee immediately fired the receptionist Ms. Diann Hanna without due cause, warning, notice or explanation other than she could not be trusted and did not seem supportive of candidates of the A Team during the elections. This is not the proper way for a trade union to terminate an employee as it violates the Employment Act and leaves the Union vulnerable to legal action and unnecessary negative publicity. Certainly, as the Teachers’ Union, we ought to seek to do what is right at all times instead of simply doing whatever suits our fancy.
  • Mrs. Kirsten Fowler will serve as the presidents’ secretary and the union will facilitate the move of Mrs. Martha Mackey and family (Grand Bahama District Office Secretary) to New Providence to serve as the National Secretariat Secretary. A new employee will be hired in Grand Bahama and a receptionist in New Providence.
  • The union will now pay two property managers in New Providence an additional $150 per month (Ms. Janice Armbrister and Ms. Mizpah Munroe). This too is a breach of the union’s constitution as the property management is the responsibility of the executive members.

Executive Officers

  • Consideration was made for an increase of ALL part-time officers’ stipends.
  • All part-time officers will be given a monthly phone allowance and a lap top computer if they desire.
  • Despite the demands of the A.G.M., All traveling executives were provided single room occupancy at the Hilton Hotel.
  • Despite rejection at the last two A.G.M.’s, the Area Vice President of New Providence will be made Full Time in January 2011, and the Area Vice President of Northern Bahamas and Southern Bahamas will follow within 18 months. These decisions will have a major impact on the union’s financial health, given that the plans for borrowing $5m to finance construction of two buildings against the backdrop of a struggle over the past two years to pay bills in a timely manner, no recent or expected increase in revenue, and other planned, significant increases in expenditure. Additionally, from 1989 to now, each of the four Executive positions which are fulltime (president, Secretary General. Treasurer, AVP – Grand Bahama) were ALL voted on by the AGM despite the fact that the constitution makes provision for the Executive Committee to hire fulltime officers and staff.

Executive Meetings/Training

  • No longer will Executive Meetings be held at National Secretariat in the Conference Room but will be hosted at a Hotel where lunch will be provided.
  • Executive training will be conducted by the President, AVP of Grand Bahama, and Executive Members Musgrove and Lightbourne.

Extension of National Secretariat and Construction of Grand Bahama Complex

  • The Executive Committee plans to borrow $5 million dollars to facilitate both projects.

Union Representation at Regional/International Conferences

  • The president will travel as the official representative to All events and will select two officers of choice to accompany her.

Medical Insurance

  • The union will continue to operate the present plan while consideration is given to the proposed plan by the Secretary General as the president will contact Dr. C. Brown for further information.

Forensic Audit of the Union’s Accounts

  • There will be NO forensic audit of the accounts.

Christmas Gifts/Honoraria

  • Both will be provided in December.

Identification Cards

  • The Secretary General’s Office has been asked to complete this process from Inagua to Abaco within the next three months; however no provisions will be made to facilitate travel if necessary. The AVP’s will submit the photos and information of members for completion. A scheduled and notice will be provided for New Providence Schools.

World Teachers Day

  • Will be celebrated on Friday 1st October. Members are advised to check with their AVP’s for plan events.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • The president awaits the counter proposal from the Government. Mr. Phillip Dorsette (VP) has been named as the replacement for the former VP and Ms. L. Knowles replaces the former Treasurer.

Pension Fund

  • $100,000.00 will be moved from the Pension Fund to be deposited to the Strike Fund.

Imprest Account

  • The president will be provided with an additional $1,500.00 as an imprest account.

As the officer responsible for the Unions communications system, I shall continue to do my best to keep you the members informed about your business in a timely manner.

Thank you. “Unite and Build.”

Yours truly,




  1. It is very sad, and disgusting to see that someone who holds such a position in the B.U.T could stoop to such a low level!
    Why is it that you have found the need to release such information to the general public concering CONFIDENTIAL matters of the B.U.T??? You continue to strive to make Mrs. Wilson’s life a living HELL!!!!…. and that is a SHAME. How in the world can the B.U.T ever move forward if you can’t keep your mouth shut and DO YOUR JOB????????? Why is it, Sir, that you get such a kick out of tearing people’s charcter apart????
    I beleive that when the teacher’s and other members of the B.U.T re-elected you, they were of the impression that they were dealing with a mature man who knows how to repect others, but obviously this report has proven them wrong.
    This is UTMOST FOOLISHNESS Sir!!! The only thing you have achieved from releasing this report is bringing disgrace to yourself as a senior executive member of the B.U.T
    You have sent professionalism and repect down the drain.
    Mrs. Wilson…… Giants do die. The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Keep on keeping on!

  2. shame on you….To publish confidential information of an executive meeting before it was even reveiwed by the executives.Sir You don’t mean the B.U.T any good.That’s Bad Business….But when judgement fall …Say it’s me Lord….

  3. I would like to add a few words to your article. As I take time and read most of your writings it is clear that BP does not fully support the new BUT PRESIDENT or I may be wrong. I do think that when one win and election that he or she have the rights to terminate and move those person who is not willing to support the ideas or agenda of ones team. I think the BUT President and our political leaders do the same when its time for change. Political teams does not keep persons who are not willing to follow the ideas or agenda, therefor so said so done. The teachers has spoken , just as the people spoke during the 2007 elections. Now its up to you and me to make the CHANGE FOR A BETTER BAHAMAS

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