The Pillsbury Doughboy not only owes BEC, but we hope he is paying NIB!


Charles Maynard Chairman of the FNM, boy you ain't learn yet?

Well look who speaking for the FNM these days, the man who don’t pay BEC! – Mr. Drunken Sailor himself! VICE ADMIRAL of the sunken ship

Nassau, Bahamas — Hopefully when members of the press develop sources as deep in the Government as Bahamas Press has, then and only then they would be able to put the right questions to politicians who come to their aid for editorial assistance.

During the Budget debate Ministers V. Alfred Gray, B.J. Nottage and Philip Brave Davis all spoke to the rank abuse of the public purse by the FNM government in an effort to be returned to power.

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie called it “nothing short of Corruption” when he described former Prime Minister Ingraham’s abuse of the public purse.

What stood out in addition to Mr. Christie’s charge was a statement by Brave Davis who began reading the laws of Bribery into the records of the House and concluded how the former Government spent the public money like “drunken sailors”.

We at BP love to describe their spending like a ‘Jungaliss with a stolen credit card’.

But out of nowhere who must come forth to defend the FNM on this point? Mr. Drunk-again, The Pillsbury Doughboy.

The Pillsbury, who feels he could tell the new leaders of the FNM when their time is up these days, called up the Nassau Guardian to tell them he was disappointed in the PLP for making the statement that the FNM spent the public money like “Drunken Sailors”.

He made the claim that the contracts entered into by the Government were legit. Really?

Perhaps the Pillsbury Doughboy had just awoken from one of them dangerous hangovers he has been having these days at the family’s rat and roach motel in Southern New Providence.

BY THE WAY, We are asking NIB to look closer into the FNM’s new spokesperson’s alleged unpaid contributions to the Board by that establishment he is connected to.

These days the FNM’s new found voice has been drowning himself almost daily in a sea of Bailey’s and reports are he has been consuming two bottles a night.

But get this, since you know the contracts he spoke about that were legit that were issued before the General Elections, don’t ya think the new voice of the FNM could at least tell readers to name one?

Perhaps he could have advised the public about that lucrative 2.2 million dollar contract that was paid in full by the former government to throw sand on Saunder’s Beach? That contract the Pillsbury would remember was given to the FNM’s bagman Ed Curling only weeks before the General Elections. [DRUNKEN SAILORS]

Do ya think that contract was legit and went through the proper bidding process?

And while we on the topic of contracts, let’s look into something else.

What about that contract exercised by the Sports Authority, which signed a $5,000 per month chlorine tablet maintenance contract at the Aquatic Centre? Drunken Sailors indeed! Only a Jackass would pay $5,000 for something valued only $99 in a store.

We ain’t going to get to the bribes in roads, docks, bridges, and Jumpstart programmes today, but let’s look at something else.

There are some Park cleanup contracts that were issued by the former Government and, from documents shown to us from sources deep in the Environment Department, we want to ask the Pillsbury Doughboy if he knows the names of V. T. Williams and S. Albury?

According to our sources, both persons were senior officers of the FNM. Williams worked out of the FNM headquarters in South Beach and Albury out of Mt. Moriah.

Now get this, while both operatives received contractual works from the DEHS by the former government, there was no listed location on data in the department, which showed they did any work for the government.

In other words, both persons collected money from the treasury and cannot show anyone what they did for the funds paid.

A total of $3,000 per month was collected by both FNMs from the Treasury of the Bahamas.

BP wonders if the Pillsbury could tell us what they did to collect the government money?

Was this also legit Pillsbury? Was it payment for being FNM? For working for the FNM in the middle of the election?

What else could be expected from the drunken sailor who acted like the vice admiral on that sunken FNM ship?

All we say is this, “He drunk again!”

We report yinner decide.