The PLP should try do its JOB, But they are Shameless!



The NOW ‘COCK EYED WUTLESS’ PLP ADMINISTRATOR seen here taking notes in the centre of this photo. Andrew Burrows sent Bahamas Press this NASTY, tasteless profanely written letter, a reflection of the kind that sit within the PLP organization. Bahamas Press cry SHAME on the PLP’s webmaster, LOOK WHAT THE PARTY OF BUTLER, PINDLING and HANNA has come to! (See letter here:

Nassau, Bahamas: This is incredible and worthy of sharing with some of our private PLP and FNM partners. One would had believed that the PLP would use its bit of LAZED energies, to sight the MANY MYRIAD of issues facing this country today like; the sale of BTC, the sale of BEC, EPA. The state of the Straw Market, the soon LATE AGAIN opening of schools, the collapse of businesses and firings of workers all across this country. The rise in HIGH ‘DEATH GRIPPING’ taxes on the poor. We would had thought that since the economy of The Bahamas is grinding to a STOP, the PLP would seriously use their 18 now reduced to 17 members in Parliament to have brought attention to these and other issues, making them priority number #1 for the country.

But NO the PLP has gone on the edge to one; try and figure out who is running Bahamas Press and two; has allow this simple, but powerful BLOG to detour them from their function of being Her Majesty’s LOYAL OPPOSITION! Now isn’t that AMAZING? Are they like the FNM in fear that Bahamas Press is speaking so loudly on behalf of the People of The Bahamas, gathering a rally of over 447,000 supporters to this blog, that they find their hearts trembling and pounding out of their chests?

We at Bahamas Press can careless what they say about us or who you try to scuff out, we have a job to do and we remind them so do they. All we say is this, TRY DO YA WUTLESS JOB! And stop being side tracked by JELOUSY, Pettiness and being KINGS of the BLACK CRAB WITH THE DARKEST HUE!

Because we assure you our expose’ on Christie, Hubert, The FNM and PLP, The AG, The POLICE, TOMMY and the Entire Cabinet of The Bahamas. On BIS, the WUTLESS Media or anyone else WILL CONTINUE, and no one will be spared who come against this BLOG!

Bahamas Press/Editor


  1. BP, Change to what. Not the BDP. I can’t vote for them. They seem so weak. Nobody know them. Everytime I hear them they only talkin about education. I hope it becomes clear by the time I can vote.

  2. The Bahamas NEEDS CHANGE! TBJ, CHANGE! The country came to a complete stop and NOT A WORD IN SUPPORT OR AGAINST the actions of BTC FROM CHRISTIE!

    Now lets put this in perspective. The Prime Minister is perhaps some where leaving Haiti at this hour, his men her are giving all kind of threatening talk to the union members.

    The Acting Prime Minister Brent Symonette cannot be found and Perry Christie somewhere sleeping in the middle of the day, as the country melts in chaos.

    Why? All because everybody waiting until the MAXIMUM LEADER returns from his voyage off some VOODOO mountain!

    To use the words of Hubert; “Whose in Charge, do we not have an Acting Prime Minister? A Parliament? Cannot anyone ACT? The Bahamas is not the fishing village of the 60s.


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  3. If the next election is in 2012. Who can I vote for? I like the PLP. BP you are beating up on the PLP so bad in here.. I don’t know who to vote for after reading all of this.

  4. No Professor, I think its deeper than that. PLP admin seems to be a nasty fella. He out for blood. This a real battle, man. But they say I too like DRAMA so let me shut my mouth.

  5. BP, Please gave it a rest already. You have already released this nasty letter from the blog master of the PLP website. Why are you continue to fight this battle. HMMMMMM! one wants to know if you and this PLP administrator are friends(BFF). And only pretending to be foe,so that you can wheel in other viewers to make this website “Juicy”

  6. We need to realize there is no FNM AND/OR PLP, now. Since they have decided to work together in secret, they are now known as the F.N.M.P.L.P. – “One Party, United In Caca and Crappola”

  7. To; ‘The Dream’ we would like to believe that also, but only one server has the name And second as a blogger said on here, he has no shame! He must be one of them shameless men Hubert was referring to.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: The FNM site adm. GAT PLENTY SENSE not to come in here shouting! But not that PLP, just like someone I know, HATE To

  8. I HIGHLY doubt this email you received was from the REAL PLP Admin. Simply an impostor. Some FNM Admin will probably send you an email too.

    lets be real here my friend.

  9. BP…you come tough in this post!! I scared now! I think all the people whose names were called should be scared too…..I await the expose with trembling heart and cold, Kalik GOLD.

  10. Boy BP you really have it in for the PLP’s site administrator. if i didnt know no better i would think the PLP administrator put roach on ya bread.

  11. Call the fire engine….where Hubert? I can answer that question….somewhere in the country sides of Haiti buying Obeah to attempt to fool and trick the Bahamian electorate again in 2012. I waiting on him, though. I have a bottle of Holy Water waiting with his name on it. The devil dont like Holy Water…do the math.

    But for real, this is the lousiest Opposition I have ever seen and they are so great in number. I dont blame Kenyatta Gibson for bailing out. After all, Christie is obviously on Ingraham pay roll. ahem….or should I said SIR PERRY…..

  12. If I was in the PLP I would choose my words carefully, this is simply not good for our party.

  13. Well what happening here, I left for 10 mins and BIG BRAWL, call the fire engine! Hubert where you is!

  14. Well boy My whole office watching this battle on Bahamas Press we all watching and the PLP should not have written that nasty letter!

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