Who in the FNM stole Sir Durward Knowles money in the Elizabeth By-Election


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Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said at a press conference held at the FNM headquarters on Mackey Street they are the best in the FNM. However, someone high up in the party has taken money from Sir Durward Knowles and he’s upset over it. BP is digging deeper and asks, “WHO STOLE Sir Durward’s $1 million contribution to the Elizabeth by-election?”


Nassau, Bahamas — Operatives of the ragsheet we called the WUTLESS toilet paper were all in their masterful way parading the message of the FNM this morning and slapping hard at the PLP.

In fact, they spared none to talk in their Insight column claims brought forward by Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest on Elizabeth’s candidate and soon to be elected MP for the area Ryan Pinder.

It amazes us at BP to see how IGNORANT the FNM leadership and by extension its ragsheet propaganda machine [THE TRIBUNE] are concerning laws in the country. And we are further baffled as to how how they are both hell-bent on deflecting information from the public as to what is truth about Ryan Pinder.

Bahamians should note and note carefully that Ryan Pinder hails from a generation of Pinders dating back some 400 years living in The Bahamas. Hubert Ingraham, Duane Sands, Dion Foulkes, Zhivargo Laing nor Lynn Holowesko can show the same as to having such solid pedigree in The Bahamas.

Secondly, Bahamians should also note that Marvin Pinder, Ryan’s father, served as the MP for Malcolm Creek for two terms and served as a Cabinet Minister in the Pindling Cabinet. So if the father is a legal and lawful son of the soil and was then a qualified Bahamian, how is it the son isn’t?

Thirdly, we would like to draw the FNM ragsheet to some serious concerns of thievery now emanating out of the halls of the FNM. The Tribune should be investigating Sir Durward Knowles‘ concerns over his money, which has mysteriously disappeared into the pocket of a senior official in the FNM. The Tribune should find concerns with this matter and ask the minister if he has yet filed a police report to uncover and dig deep into this crime unfolding.

Sir Durward is said to be livid with the situation following the outcome of the Elizabeth by-election. BP has learned Sir D raised more than $1 million for the events in the east and had turned the funds over to a senior party official. We’ve learned two operatives inside the FNM were bagmen carrying the funds on the ground for the elections, however, much of the money disappeared.

We’ve learned one of the persons holding care of the money deposited large notes into his personal bank account right here in the capital. BP has evidence to prove this! BP is calling on FNM leadership to account for the money and reveal to the public who the culprit[s] are before BP does.

We warned the leadership of the FNM to come clean, BP doesn’t like people stealing from senior citizens and we now have to wonder about the social services money. We want the FNM to come clean even if they have to come rough dry.



  2. Man Lizzy,

    Evetyone playin us fa fools – we have a member of parliament who never voted in the Bahamas, what can he tell me naaaa and Perry Christie endorsin this follishness and want lead and be PM …. NEVER EVER I say…… then you have Hubert, he is try his best but man time for him to go to. We need new blood who understand whats goin on on the streets …… I een want see no PLP or FNM all them crooked just alike. Dey just is want get yoru vote then treat you like crap… time far all wo a dem to go …. i ga try the fella from the green party, he cant do no worst plus he young like me



  3. Freda…I agree with you too!  We, the people, especially those in Lizzy do (did) not hold the Govt of the Day – THe FNM, accountable for dealing with the REAL issues /challenges facing our country.  But, instead, we are allowing them to play political games – this is no joke!  We have a generations now that is almost lost and one that is coming up with no direction as well!  This present govt, led by HAI, keep talking about what the PLP did and did NOT do !  All the leader keep talking about ..is the PLP dis and the PLP dat! So, what ! They have now been elected to correct, fix and recommend better!  But, there seems to be a serious lack of vision, thereby all these political games and ploys.  Where there is no vision – the people perish ! We are headed in that direction ! Our education system needs an overhaul, we need a new tax/revenue system, we need COB to be upgraded, we need solutions to our immigration problem, we need a re-vitalized interest in farming to feed ourselves (not giving land for experiment to the chinese), we need alternative energy supply (invite investors to harness our sun, sea, etc.), we need alternative sources of revenue (perhaps NLG – Trinidad now has three plants) and we definitely need real solutions to CRIME !  This govt is wasting the MONEY and TIME ….of it’s people !

  4. They are not dealing with the real issues because we are not demanding that they do their jobs and insists that HAI stop this foolishness with this bi-election you are still the government of this country.

  5. You are “right on”  AWAKENED !  I wish more people were “awake” like you !  The Govt needs to deal with the “real issues” and challeges, that this country is facing, and to STOP, playing games!

  6. Hi Truth, again, where is the problem?, I answered your questions, but you are saying you have a problem, the point is, he is a Bahamian citizen, again what does campaigning with McCain have to do with his allegiance to the Bahamas, there are many other nationals that work our campaigns, if he has US citizenship through his mother, what’s wrong, America is a powerful country, with lots of opportunities, let’s not deny that, but as a private Bahamian citizen, it is his choice not to vote here or not, that should not make him a bad guy, he has something to offer his people, he is qualified, both parties are fighting for momentum in the eyes of the Bahamian people, and win or lose, the PLP has taken the advantage on the ground, I said long ago that this was a bad idea on HAI’s behave to push this bye-election, but they though they would beat the PLP by some two to three hundred votes, the government needs to get back to work, and win the people’s hearts over by showing some results in our nation and improving lives of it’s people, crime, unemployment, immigration etc., these are things we need fixed, instead of the FNM being deceitful and ruthless in trying to win a seat, the government needs to get on the ball, and do their job that they are being paid big money for.

  7. Truth, its really not hard to see why Ryan never voted in the Bahamas. Many Bahamians who graduate from high school at 17 or 18  and go overseas for college usually stay for a few years or for good. If they return home after being away for years its quiet easy to seem them not having voted in a Bahamian election. The man is 33-34!

    Secondly, the Bahamas doenst have absentee voting. So any Bahamian citizen who is out of the country for what ever reason, cant participate in an election. the system doesnt prove for that yet.

    Ryan Pinder’s situation isnt irregular. It happens quiet a lot.

  8. Awakened I find it very hurtful and questioning that Ryan Pinder have not even voted in The Bahamas yet seeking office. I find that to be very hypocritical in fact, for him to be campaigning and voting in The USA and yet seeking office in The Bahamas. I might be wrong but if this is true I have a serious problem with that. If it is true that he campaigned with John McCain, I dont have no problem about that but I do have a problem if it is true that he voted in USA all of his adult life yet did not Vote in the country he is seeking office. It is saying to me that ok USA is better than The Bahamas. Now the best POSSIBLE EXCUSE I could think about was because he dont reside here at that time span.

  9. Eagle, your questions are strange and sinister and silly, (1) He renounced his citizenship, because in an election atmosphere, silly things like that question gets out of hand, especially when the media is assisting in spreading the stupid message, they all know that his father is a Bahamian, but still throw around misleading lies, (2) So it means because a Bahamian has not voted in his country he is not a Bahamian or a patriotic Bahamian?, that’s silly, I know Bahamians who have never voted, that doesn’t mean they can’t run for any office in this country, (3) Does everyone have to vote for Obama to be sincere, if that is true that he voted for McCain, that’s his business, what’s wrong with McCain?,what about Bahamians who have voted for the UBP or the FNM, that makes them bad, we have a leader who is a known spy and you call Ryan sinister, and wants to harm the Bahamas, what about the spying on your own country for another country, you think that makes good representation, “TWISTED LOGIC GUY”, TWISTED LOGIC”.

  10. These rich elderly persons need to be careful about who they allow to befriend them, because you have some very unscrupulous persons out there who would take advantage of their generosity. People like to prey on them, because they see them as easy targets and they believe they could get away with it, but you shouldn’t do that, because if you live to be their age, you wouldn’t want someone  to be taking advantage of you.

    • Kim, what in the hell are you talking about…. anyhow… LOL.. BP, once more.. you talking nonesense… HI, Sir Durward and all were all togather .. celebrating and getting ready for the next round to ensure that the PLP gets a good cut *** in election court… So BP, you loose once more… let me see can you get anything right.. other then your lies BP… By the way, look at the Tribune this week…. real information on … ???

      • NCL, I have grandparents and I wouldn’t want no one to take advantage of them. It just breaks my heart when I think about persons preying on the elderly.

      • NCL Smith, I thought you are away at school. How do you know what the relationship is with Sir Durward and the FNM? 

  11. I have no reason to believe that Ryan Pinder isn’t qualified to serve in Parliament.  But the questions must be asked:  why did he renounce his US citizenship if it didn’t present a legal impediment?  Why is it that he has never voted for a Bahamian to sit in Parliament in his entire life, yet he seeks to represent Bahamians in Parliament?  Why is it that he has voted at least twice in the United States of America, including the Presidential election where he supported McCain & Palin? His motives appear quite sinister to me, and I am far from convinced that Pinder’s loyalty is with the Bahamas and Bahamians.  The astonishing thing to me is that BP thinks Dr. Sands’ green card somehow prove his  allegence to America.  Twisted logic!

  12. BP, I noted the comparison made in the fidth paragraph about ” the father and the son ”

    I really don’t think it’s the same thing.

  13. Bp listen if tommy t was as diligant n crime fighting as he is passionate with this bye-elction where he could stay up all night and day to get  desired results…., look man with the same fire you have for this bye election take that same energy and try to put some long term programms in palce that will combat crime. I couldn’t really understand why the party had kicked you out as leader…..but now i know

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