Killers on a rampage in New Providence on bail kill off more witnesses


Murdered victim #248th since 2009 is Ashton Rolle.

Nassau, Bahamas — Crime is out of control in the Bahamas and with the intelligence branch of the force broken up, according to Keith Bell, the country is quickly losing altitude!

Over night the Nassau recorded two murders in the Carmichael Road area.

BP understands one of the victims is a man by the name Ashton Rolle. He, you would remember, was the victim to an incident that played out a couple of months ago.

Readers should remember a shooter came to the home of Rolle earlier this year. That shooter was overpowered by family members and shot with his own gun. He succumbed to his injuries.

Well finally the boys who had sent that shooter caught up with Rolle last night and executed him with a shot to the head near the Checkers Restaurant on Carmichael Road. Rolle is the 248th murdered victim since 2009.

In a separate incident, another man was stabbed in the neck last night. He too succumbed to his injuries and became the 249th murdered victim since 2009.



  1. No physical solution will prevent or stop a spiritual problem. Looking around does not help, the only help comes from looking above. A lot of thing have been tried and at this point little has worked. Maybe now it’s time to simply pray. “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray then I will heal their lands and I will forgive their sins.” Maybe just maybe God is smarter than we are. Peace and Love for my country and my home.

  2. Nassau has slowly went to the dogs. Its all boiling over now. For such friendly, and supposedly God fearing people its a shame.

    First drive around Nassau..its a big slum basically. No town vision. Govt services lousy. Public transport..well non-exisant as the bus system (and I use that liberally) is basically a personal public taxi bus. Roads awful. Power..never on. Water low. How we collect taxes…we ask people to give recipts of the underwear they bought while on vacation!!!

    How do we make much of the money…hotels and private banking….Now murders and crime out of control. No moral fabric. Single parents raising kids. People wanna either be the gun toting rapper or the weed smoking Raggae artist.

    Its so hard for me to recommend any friend abroad to come to Nassau its crazy.

    • It has really broken my heart to see what nassau has become. It is sowly falling since drugs has taken over especially crack..they are killing the people and corrupt leaders..noone seems to care anymore only about making money for is sad..soon other people will be taking over nassau..GOD help my people. Judah don’t come down from the roof top.

  3. I say once a person is charge with murder they should not be given bail i dont care how long it takes for the case to go to trail no bail !!! if you want freedom then you,ll think twice before you commit the crime remember now there,s no comming back from the grave for the victim so why should you be granted leave from prison

    • While I understand that this may be an emotional issue, the system is designed for a person to be assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Please remember that there is corruption within the system. People could be innocent. Therefore it will be unconstitutional for someone to be lockup indefinitely. I recommend that judges are given contracts by the people and some elected by the people, not only chosen by one person.Judges and should have their pay docked for consistent delays and lawyers be punished by removal from the bar (for a specified period) for persistently delaying cases. We just need to hold all the stakeholders in the system accountable.

  4. Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and some of those police officers are decent men and they are really doing their best, but unfortunately their hands are tided. It is not like they don’t know what to do, it’s just that we have some corrupt government officials interfering with them and won’t allow them to do their jobs. Commissioner Greenslade comes across as a Christian man, no way he can be happy with this c rime situation. It’s these wicked government officials meddling and have his country deteriorating to the point it has gotten and casting the blame on regular citizens who they know are doing their best to live productive lives. They are the ones who have this country in an uproar. Their failure to their jobs and upheld our laws is an encouragement to the criminals. They have blood on their hands!

  5. Gezus somebody save this dam country from the black thugs and hoods. Honestly I feel daily like Im living in the dam jungle.

    I mite as well quit my job and get me two dam machete and one sword-off shot gun and dam fight crime myself. This country is gone to the mullafeelin dogs.

    I have seen programs and documentaries concerning government and police slackness in crime fighting, and in all cases the people had to get their hands dirty to do this business themselves.

    Anyway, I see this lackadaisical government is trying its damnest to honest-hardworking Bahamians into cutlass wielding mugabe type lynch mobs.

    Trust me, if Branville could show me where he have the balls to shed the blood of these thugs and hoods, then he has 10 votes on my end.

  6. a man burnt down my friend 2002 dodge ram truck to the ground over a woman and nothing was done simply b/c he pay his way out of it. now that the police ain’t doing nothing knowing his file in the system for arsen what left for my friend to do? should he take matters into his own hands? this man riding around in his escalade smiling when he should be behind bars for this. this is one of the reason why we can’t do better this man is a jamaician with no respect for bahamians if the police just do they jobs plenty life would be save.

  7. As I mentioned before:
    ..At the end of the day we all must realize that there is always TRUE, Justice and Divine Vengeance in pursuit of Crime…

    • Government??? Sounds like the locals are killing their own. What that hanging outta his mouth, a joint? There is nothing any government can do about it except start killing the killers. Shoot them when they find them, forget the courts. They don’t abide by the law so should die the same way.

      • Never said it was them pulling the trigger or doing the stabbing. The fact that they are encouraging these criminals by not carrying out the laws make them just as guilty. If the judges are ineffective, then change them. You don’t just sit back and do nothing. They might as well did pull the trigger. They have blood on their hands!

    • So the gov. hired the persons responsible for the killing of these young men or set up the situations for them to be killed? Do you have proof of this, and if so, dont you think that putting your name will have you as a target as well, even if its a pen name. Then that also means that all the out cry for justice from the gov. is irrelivent as they will not do anything to incriminate themselves.

      • @Make sense, fool are u that stupid that u can’t understand what Kim Sands is sayin. Here is the metaphor; If you leave food out you will encourage roaches and rats to come into your home. So if you run your country in the manner that its being run today then you encourage crime. Or are you one who feel that the government is allowed to plung us into hell by not doing what they need too, to address poverty which is the fertilizer for crime. you might ask what can the Government do well they could enact laws to fix the immigration problem, change the method to taxation by movin to income tax, and fix our politics and free college education for our children.

        • same old shirt, I love the way you break that down, you put it in such a way a baby should be able to understand it. If they don’t get if after that, it’s just a waste of time. smt

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