The Russians are here and so is Christmas!



Christmas trees now on sale in the Oakes Field area for anyone who have money left to buy one. The last time we bought a tree it cost $120, and that was 2006. We wonder what the cost is now with inflation added? Bahamians could barely afford toilet tissue anymore, thank goodness for the Wutless Tribunea broadsheet for less price!

Nassau, Bahamas: Well the count down to Christmas officially begins it’s less than 30 days away. For some its Junkanoo is coming and that’s all they thinking about for now. In fact Bahamas Press believes the quietness and less serious crimes taking place in the country is because plenty people in the shack using up on that dismissal package money. But look here, when January comes around and people realize how broke they are? Watch out for it!

But like Christmas another thing is unfolding in the world, the Russians are here and for the first time with broad presence in the Caribbean. The Russians have not had such presence since the cold war. The Bahamas received its Russian ambassador a few weeks ago and on Tuesday, Russian ships sailed into Venezuela’s [Chavez country] as President Dmitry Medvedev became the first Russian President to visit that country. Medvedev was also showing up the Russian presence in Cuba and meeting with Raul. Bahamas Press has learned the a rebuilding of a combat facility is in the making.

The times are changing, the what all this battalion movement means, time can only tell. But like the talk of recession, for most Bahamians nobody is wanting to know what is happening in the world around us, especially now that junkanoo is coming? It’s THIEFIN TIME AGAIN!

Added with all the the nation’s chief, Hubert Ingraham says he will call a rally this Sunday with members of the WUTLESS media. We say rally because we know, that WUTLESS bunch will do a far better job communicating what the ‘Bold Head Monk’ says, far better than any other FNM machinery [WELL THEY ARE THE FNM MACHINARY…LOL!].

The only thing the Bahamas can expect coming out of this press conference is the official word that the Bahamas is NOW IN RECESSION, something everyone has known for a while. But we expect just ANOTHER  LIE and SPIN from a FAILING PRIME MINISTER!


  1. BP I thought you suppose to be in the know but obviously not if you payed $120 for a tree in 2006. Milo B. Butler and sons have good quality trees for much less.

    Any before the accusers attack, I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with them. I just happened upon a good deal from them in 2005 and thought I should pass it on.

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