The violence against women and girls is depressing in The Bahamas today!


Dear BP,

Watching the violence unfold this week with a woman being beaten, punched, kicked and robbed following an accident on Wulff Road speaks volumes to the decay of the social fabric of the nation.

Like the American victim Rodney King, the savage beating of the woman in this case must have sent chills up the spine of every citizen in the country.

The violence proves how dangerous the streets of New Providence in particular have become. This confirms that the untold violence against women in the country has reached unprecenented levels.

Whether it was this woman in this latest incident, or young Bella Walker or the prayer warrior Claudette Capron, the violence against women is fast becoming too familiar. But this is not all.

What pains me more is the fact that the organizations that have assembled to come to the defense of women are silent and cannot be heard. What is worse is the many other agencies and organizations who pledge to protect and serve the nation (particularly the weak and vulnerable) appear to also join the silence that is deterring the determination to stamp out this level of violence in our country.

As you come to the defense of the weak, BP, and bring to the stage all these ills which affect us all, It is my prayer that we as a nation adopt the saying “IF ONE OF US IS NOT SAFE ALL OF US ARE NOT SAFE”!

Let us stamp out violence in our communities and demand swift justice for those affected by it. WE MUST GET IT TOGETHER!


J.P Brown

A Pensioner