The original message of the We March group appears to be lost. It has now become a ball of confusion, in my view, and many are turned off.

It is a mistake to continue a fight with Bradley Roberts and the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the public arena. And many who support(ed) the We March cause are confused by the suggestion that they should march with the PLP, because their grievances are with the political institutions in the country, i.e., the PLP, the FNM, and other political institutions and what they stand for.

Candia Dames

To now ask these people to march with the PLP without conferring with them, seems to be overreaching.

Further, however one feels about the PLP, that is the party that made history, leading us to Majority Rule. If the PLP determines it wishes to march to commemorate that, it is completely within its right to do so. We should not try to diminish that. It is what it is.

Ranard Henfield appears enamored by his ideas and the limelight he has attracted through this movement. He is all over the place with his contradictory statements and is tremendously confusing in his daily utterances. He reacts to everything. He is easily baited. He is too emotional for the leadership position in which he finds himself…I have to wonder, whatever happened to his threat of initiating a national strike?

It has been weeks since the deadline he gave the prime minister to make a national address passed. When we reported his national strike threat, he made it appear the reporter who wrote the story was the one confused. It is the classic “blame the media when you mess up” approach that we often see from our current crop of politicians…

Leadership calls for sober, serious judgment, and there is a dearth of that all around.


Candia Dames
Editor Nassau Guardian

(This piece was lifted from the facebook page of Candia Dames)