They say they cannot get JUSTICE – But this isn’t the same crew who GAGED PARLIAMENT?! AMAZING!!!


BP’s Sunday Special….

Police in Lyford Cay.
Police in Lyford Cay.

Nassau, Bahamas – Louis Bacon’s attorney claims he cannot get justice in the Bahamas following what he describes as serious systemic delays in the systems of justice in the Bahamas.

In a Tribune article, Robert Adams, the Graham Thompson & Co attorney and partner, warned that “substantial delays” in processing cases to trial were “regrettably not uncommon” in the Bahamian judicial system – even for seemingly simple matters.

Mr Adams, who represents Mr Bacon’s interests locally, explained in a May 9 affidavit why these delays meant that New York, rather than the Bahamas, was the better jurisdiction for hearing his client’s $50 million defamation claim against Mr Nygard.

He predicted that, if Mr Bacon was forced to refile that action in the Bahamas, he would not obtain a trial date until the first quarter of 2018 “at the very earliest” – some two years out.

Now what is interesting here is that the same people working for Bacon, who could get documents stamped long after the Registrar’s Office is closed, are now complaining about the system?

The same client, who has held an injunction with threats to jail the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, constraining their constitutional authority to make decisions on behalf of the People of the Bahamas, are yet complaining about the judicial system? Are they for real?

These are the same people who muzzled the press, hauled writers and journalists into the courts, censored parliamentarians, threatened chairmen and broadcasters, and got a judge to agree with them to gag Parliament. Are they now saying something is wrong with the system?

Boy, people think Bahamians are damn fools! But I await Toggie and Bobo appearance. This ga be interesting!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Another silly commentary by BP. I swear BP must have major loyalty to the “Promoting Lazy People” party. It ain’t long now!

    • No! We just have a problem with people who would sell the soul of the NATION to plantation owners and slave drivers in SAVE DA BAYS!

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