Thieves and Rogues at NIB Part 5 – Cargill’s lavish trip to Abaco Club



Nassau, Bahamas The storms are gathering and are now descending downward upon the National Insurance Board headquarters. Bahamas Press has learned our probe into the questionable squander of public money by the management team at NIB is now under fullscale investigations by the Cabinet of The Bahamas.

Bahamas Press is advised the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham has ordered a convening of the board of directors who we understand grilled Cargill concerning the squander of funds at the Board on Monday.

Bahamas Press has also learned the Buffed Roommate’ of Kenneth Russell, Iram lewis, could be seen entering NIB yesterday. One source tells us, it is unknown whether he was there to collect another cheque or if he summoned by the Board.lewis-copy

Bahamas Press confirmed at the beginning of our probe it was Lewis, who while serving as a consultant for NIB, awarded himself a whooping $232,500 contract. The contract was issued by NIB in February of this year while Prime Minister Ingraham served as minister with responsibility for National Insurance.

We’ve also learned that the Board has ordered the cancellation of the lavish executive retreat at the Abaco Club in Winding Bay.

Cargill confirmed the trip for executives at NIB, which caters to world royals with the cheapest room going at $869 per night/per person double occupancy. Cargill again LIED to the public when he said in his press statement, “It is true that NIB has scheduled a twoday Executive Management Strategic Planning Meeting for two business days, but this is not unlike similar initiatives held for senior executives during the history of the National Insurance Board. As for the imminent one at Abaco, we have been successful in negotiating rates significantly below market (less than $200 perday ).”

jeff-lloydWinding Bay is no Motel 8. Cargill knows that and so do we. It is a property visited and coveted by “extremely fortunate personsEuropean Royals, Baronesses and Dukes. And of course, “if allowedthe corporate jets of NIB will also descend on the property and spend away the thousands raked from poor struggling businesses.

Documents seen by Bahamas Press confirm cost racked up by the Board would have included: Airline ticket cost at $200 per person. Ground transportation at $500 per person. Accommodation at $869 per night per person and dining at $295 per person, per day. The intended stay at Winding Bay we understand was for 5 days and not 2 as stated by Cargill. Not to mention, readers should note, this does not include cost to use the amenities at the resort such as the spa, the golf course, yacht rentals and bookings for its conference rooms. Not to mention Cargill’s insatiable thirst for expensive Fiji water, which would have to be imported by the resort with a fiveday supply.

The cost to the taxpayers would be undoubtedly ratchet up in the thousands at a time when poor unemployed citizens need NIB now more than ever. While NIB decline legitimate death and sickness benefits . Wall Street early in the year adopted the rule and decided to suspend executive retreats due to the global economic crisis. So why is NIB’s managing director spending money like its going out of style?

Cargill was quick to suggest that the trip at Winding Bay would incur far less cost than a trip to Andros in 2006. However, what the managing director failed to admit is the fact that the economy was operating at its best and the world was not in recession. There was no need for an unemployment benefit and NIB didn’t have to write more than 30,000 cheques to unemployed Bahamians.hubert-11

On yesterday Ingraham could be heard telling newly appointed customs officers, “This is not the place for the dishonest, this is not the place for the tardy, this is not the place for the slacker.” We could only wish he could take that same speech and carry it over to the management at NIB, who seem to have the pernicious greed to splurging public funds for their own gluttonous desires of fun and frolic and to delight the deep pockets of acquaintances.

We demand a public commission to investigate the SCANDALOUS OPERATIONS at NIB. INCLUDING THE CONTRACTS TO KENUTH KNOWLES, PORKY DORSETT, IRAM LEWIS, CHARLTON MORLEY AND DEACON JEFFERY LLOYD, just to name a few. To send for people and papers to sit from place to place and stop the hemorrhage of funds at the nation’s social security institute.

Bahamas Pressprobe into NIB will continue tomorrow.


  1. @Screwdriver I say screw John. He, Jeff Lloyd and Cargill are in cahoots. John and Jeff were on the show “Jeffery” today. Listening to both of them kissing up to each other made me sick. John talks like he and HAI are drinking buddies and he is deputy leader in the FNM. Maybe this is what the PM office is reduce to. Hey Screwdriver I need to contact you for some info. (v jvyy bneu lfd zl n-zrvy ruuanbb ve cjf urlb. brzn tfun()

  2. You are right John Pinder and that union man who want a promotion to next level started all of this Pinder ain’t for real he is a board member and he voted for the trrmination of these execs. According to the puss cat John was there and voted for this to happen.

  3. BP didn’t you find NIB BOD Pinder’s comments on the Customs Officers termination interesting after he along with NIB chairman and Director lead executions on Managers and Executives at NIB dating back to 2007. I have personally witness this donkey conspiring along with that Union Head to destroy an old Manager. I am prepared to give evidence in his lawsuit when the matter comes up in court. What a life!

  4. HIA don’t know that cargill is the problem I don’t see why cargill is trying to search for leaks if he was honest then we would need to get to this he started the war cargill’s hours are numbered. Can a leopard change
    it’s skin
    once a puss cat always one

  5. @Awakened
    Yes, I agree that we should always hold people accountable whether times are good or bad. May if we were doing this during the good times, things might not have gotten this bad.

  6. I think the hiring practices should be looked into at all these public and government corporation, because a lot of them are just hiring their families and friends and if this is allowed to continue, I think it is going to discourage the young people from going off to college, because they are going to start noticing other young people who went off and came back that are not able to get a job, because they don’t know anyone.

  7. @sammy
    You mean Richenda and her friend Carol aye? Well I think she only called her over there because they worked closely at Colina and she knew what she was good for. After what Manny did to Richenda you can’t blame her for wanting her friend out off there.

  8. @Kim Sands Oh yes Kim I concur, you are oh so right, also what about that big Cabinet the government has, it is all out of whack, from the rooty to the tooty, things are rotten in Denmark, the Bahamas too, in these times we need to tighten our belts, when things are good, it is easy to abuse because no one pays attention, but we have got to do better, let’s hope someone in authority listens, thumbs up Kim.

  9. Bahamians has every right to question the integrity of NIB, when these people in top management don’t seem to have a conscience. People struggling to get by in this country and some don’t know where their next meal coming from and these people in top management could afford to be squandering the people monies on these very expensive trips down to Abaco. Why they don’t have their retreats at Breezers, Sandals, Hilton or somewhere that wouldn’t cost taxpayers too much money, until this storm passes over? I don’t have a problem with them needing time away to relax and catch themselves, but why they feel it has to be costly in order for them to be able to enjoy themselves? I think this is the height of slackness on their behalf the way they continue to abuse the public purse in these hard times. This is not the time to be squandering monies when so many people are out of a job and the government has to provide assistance to them, which is already putting a strain on the NIB funds. All I have to say to these people is, think about other than just yourselves and have some conscience man!!! The way you all carrying on is ridiculous.

  10. @DIAMOND Diamond, please don’t interrupt me while I’m trying to be productive. Anyway, the Director informed us that HAI want to identify the leaks in the Board. He even held meetings with IT management and an American computer expert to identify leaks. Miranda complained to her Godfather and he set off this investigation. You don’t want to work here my friend, TRUST me. It is a big doll house for executives and board of directors. In GOD we TRUST not the FNM nor PLP.

  11. @Sonia Dean
    Sonia you should know about Cargill pass after all who checked youss lately. Are you spotless and pure as the snow. I don’t think that people like Cargill or snyone else get this far by having checked past this a new thing.

  12. @Terrance
    hey terr you work there so stop giving out info boy. Thats an annual thing. Every company Board od Director have a little bang for the last meeting of the year. Hey Terrance you and reformer are good friends why dont u ask him where the queen have the claims among other things like the computer and thing. Hey try get me a job there man.

  13. Terrance :Well I understand that the board is holding it’s christmas party for the board of diretors. Well I guess this is the bull dog last one Bp please ask the bull dog cargill what happen to the people’s appeals files that he sent out of the office of the queen of nib.


  14. there also need to be an investigation in the human resourses dept. cargil and king are only hiring family, church members or former friends from colina this is wrong. what about the first cous of the director who works at nib on contract

  15. Cargill had a interesting end to his banking career and it was shocking when he go this appointment at NIB. Life is about second chances but NIB is the real BANKER TO THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS! We are indeed living in very interesting times in the sunshine with the sunshine government

  16. I am a Fnm and if Hubert don’t do something about what is going on at nib he would have let me down by the way what’s happening with the web site o lord the bull dog just in trouble did he send out bids on that lol someone gone Man over Board

  17. Well I understand that the board is holding it’s christmas party for the board of diretors. Well I guess this is the bull dog last one Bp please ask the bull dog cargill what happen to the people’s appeals files that he sent out of the office of the queen of nib.

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