Thousands owed by Water and Sewerage in VAT REVENUE!


Corporation has failed to comply in VAT Collections – WHY?

Nassau – Thousands in payments of VAT Revenue from the Water and Sewerage Corporation have gone unpaid for several months, a source deep inside the Inland Revenue Department has confirmed.

Bahamas Press has learned no explanation has come from WSC as to why taxes being collected on behalf of the government remain unpaid to INLAND.

BP’s source in Inland confirms, “We have made multiple attempts to have the corporation comply. They have been fined and still they have failed to comply.”

As we always contend, this is a lawless bunch who continue to play games with the taxpayers’ money. No accounting of VAT collections has come since the Minnis Administration came to office and what they are now doing with the VAT FUNDS is still a mystery.

If Water and Sewerage fail to comply, then perhaps every other business in the country should not comply, including the Webshops, and let’s see where this lawless bunch will go next!

Peter can’t count!

We report yinner decide!