Young boy now homicide victim #43 in senseless carnage of gun violence in the capital…


Young boy now latest homicide victim while headed to school this morning.

Nassau – A seven year old Columbus Primary School student has become the country’s 43rd homicide victim and police now have a suspect on the run. The crime carnage goes unabated with the young becoming victims to gun violence.

According to reports, shortly after 7:00am, two men were arguing outside a residence on Piper Lane off Palm Beach Street, when one of them pulled a firearm and fired shots at the other, injuring him.

At that same time a juvenile boy exited his home and was also shot. Both victims were transported to hospital, where the child succumbed to his injuries. The adult male is listed in stable condition.

Police have released no identity of the victim but BP has accessed this photo of the young child.

We report yinner decide!


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