Three homicide from Sunday – two in six hours apart on Tuesday…


Police have shut down a restaurant in Abaco for breach of COVID protocols….

Homicide victim #33 is 40-year-old Godfrey Sawyer. He was shot dead in Nassau Village on Sunday evening.

NASSAU| Police have confirmed homicides #34 and #35 unfolding in the capital Tuesday.

Reports are that shortly after 1:00pm, a male while repairing a vehicle in the front a residence on Pink Meadows Avenue off Bellot Road; when a lone gunman approached and shot him before escaping on foot in an unknown direction.

This incident recorded the 35th homicide for the year.

The victim succumbed to the injuries he sustained on the scene.

This incident came just hours after another murder which occurred in St. Joseph Cemetery – where a man who had been missing for a week – was found dead in the graveyard with his head crushed with a huge stone. He was discovered by a man who was passing in the area early that morning. This incident recorded the 34th homicide incident for the year. The victim is believed to be between 40 to 45-years-old and preliminary findings reveal he is a resident of the area.

On Sunday night, another man was shot dead on his porch in Nassau Village. He has been identified by relatives as 40-year-old Godfrey Sawyer

BP is also learning tonight that police confirm on Abaco say they have closed a restaurant, which was found in breach of the Covid19 protocols. They failed to name the restaurant.

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