Three murders in less than 6 hours apart…Murder at Saxons Junaknoo practise


Nassau, Bahamas — An horrific public execution took place early this morning – shortly after 12 midnight – during the Saxons Junkanoo practise in McCullough Corner.

News reaching Bahamas Press confirms the murder count in the country has climbed by 3 in less than 6 hours.

The victim this time was in his mid 30s. The victim, still to be identified by BP, suffered more than nine gunshots wounds about his upper body as his killers took him down. Police arrested three men for the victim’s death.

We can confirm officers shot one of the arrested men who tried to flee the crime scene. His injury is not life threatening.

Nassau is quickly descending into “BAGHDAD CITY” [a town of body bags] as the holidays fast approach. Less than five hours earlier detectives were combing the crime scene of a fatal stabbing on Butterfly Close just off Soldier Road. The victim has been identified by Bahamas Press as Dwayne Jackson, a manager at Caribbean Gasses. He is believed to be in his late 40s.

And just before that incident, our sources at the hospital confirmed a man who was shot in the Florida Court area earlier this week succumbed to his injuries.

The murder count in The Bahamas now stands at 115 for 2011.



  1. these young men who did this right from nassau village. because they are the same set who killed BoyBlue. Aug 5 murder

  2. @K4C like u say, “it’s a result of thugs, a gang mentality, a lack of respect of the rules of law, and I could go on and on” who makes the law? who should enforce it? will in this case we don’t need a leader, we don’t need a law, let’s just hope and pray the thugs will someday stop. just amazing how theses so called leaders get away with murder in this country, no one want to hold them accountable so sad what we settle for in this country……..

  3. Wizard are you saying these senseless murders are as a result of the wrong political party being elected ? Nope it’s not Wizard, it’s a result of thugs, a gang mentality, a lack of respect of the rules of law, and I could go on and on.

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