“Tom boy man beater” set to be positioned as the new Comptroller of Customs in Minnis OUTGOING REGIME!

Customs Headquarters on University Drive.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has news hot off the press as Minnis tries to setup hidden civil service team before being kicked out of office.

The Minnis Government is set to replace the current Comptroller of Customs with a “Tom boy man beater” that runs a technical department in Customs.

Your BP understand ‘Da Hulk female’ had once pulled the government gun on her cheating husband after she caught him with his sweetie.

‘Da Hulk female’ is universally hated in Customs and would be jumping rank over many senior and more seasoned individuals to take the top post.

How could ‘Da Hulk female’, who pulled her service weapon on her husband and who had to go for psyche treatment still on the job? Worse getting a promotion?

Well all we say is this – When Minnis goes so will the crew who he placed in key positions. FROM THE HILL TO THE VALLEY!

We report yinner decide!