Too many persons are in the Bahamas walking up and down undocumented!!! Motorcyclist die in hit and run!


Nassau motorcyclist dies in hospital after December 24th accident

file photo.
file photo.

Nassau, Bahamas — On Thursday 24th December 2015, shortly after 12:15am, a traffic accident occurred on Spikenard Road involving a 2006 Honda Motorcycle occupied by an adult male and a dark coloured jeep that failed to remain on the scene. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital where he was detained.

The motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries shortly after 5:00pm on Friday 1st January 2016. Investigations are ongoing.

Police are appealing to anyone with information regarding any crime, no matter how small or insignificant (the tip) may seem, to anonymously call Police at 919 or CRIME STOPPERS at 328-TIPS (8477) (New Providence) or 1-242-300-8476 (Family Islands).




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