The people who has ran Tourism into the ground. We can’t blame Hubert for this on. The head is LOST!

Nassau, Bahamas — Rather than taking the number one industry forward one must conclude the head is LOST in tourism and today Bahamas Press will go on record calling for the Minister to resign and his Director General to give up her job.

Even the blind can see both persons at the top of Tourism are without a clue as to how to move Tourism forward. We understand like the last WUTLESS Minister of Tourism, the current minister is still counting cruise passengers three [3] times every time a vessel stops at a location in the Bahamas. Thus, if 10,000 cruise visitors call at the Port of Nassau on Monday, by Wednesday when their vessel leaves the country Tourism officials tell us 30,000 was here, WHAT DUMBNESS! But that’s not all.

Has anyone visited the new location for the Junkanoo Summer Festival? The festival, which is a recreation of the ‘Goombay’ Summer event, which was held in the 80s, has now moved to a junkyard looking area west near the parking lot of the Hilton British Colonial Hotel.

My goodness! From prime time Bay Street to Woods Rodgers Wharf to the comfortable unlimited parking space at Arawak Cay to The Hilton Hotel Parking LOT? WHAT!??? Has tourism officials lost their marbles? Could you imagine the stress to park near the area? Not to mention the criminal element in that part of town?

What kind of Oil Gushing JACKASS could’ve come up with that idea to move a culturally rich event like the festival in the back of some DAMN parking lot? Could you imagine a guest attending this event holding their buttocks with conch fritters in one hand and no clean sanitizing bathroom in sight?

The Government just spent thousands of dollars at Arawak Cay to upgrade the public restrooms in the area so the Miss Universe Pageant participants could see we ‘gat’ toilets. Now we see these two empty vessels heading tourism deciding to put us right back in the backyard? To defecate on the grass? MY GOODNESS!

At Arawak Cay – where the event was annually held – there is much parking space, there is an already built stage, there is proper lighting and there is a police station in the yard of the venue. The area is fortified with high gates and already has a committed patron following. So why would someone in tourism decide to move the event from Arawak Cay is beyond us.

Perhaps someone is being paid to reproduce much of what is ALREADY at Arawak Cay. It is also possible someone could be getting paid to lease the property being used near the Hilton site. Or it is simply the case that the head is LOST at Tourism and thus the one eye man in the land of the blind is king!



  1. remind me why was the name changed from goombay to junkanoo summer anyway? sounds like cultural erosion to me. Like zns had their budget cut so does MOT; too much wasteful spending going on.

  2. So i wonder if anyone knows that vince was spending a lot of time at the hilton, or has or had an office there or somethin. so this really sounds like someone back is being scratched. these crooks are all about doing mess in this country for their own benefit. robbing the treasury. CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION.

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