Traffic violators ticketed and illegals rounded up



This driver talked whilst inspector kept writing. As Tommy said, police will be doing what they are suppose to do.

Traffic violators were stopped and illegals rounded up in the Oakes Field area on Friday as police and immigration officers made sweeps of the area. Bahamas Press discovered that traffic was extra light in the area and we wondered why? There police were stationed at all posts around the round-a-bout in the area. They were seen inspecting cars and handing out traffic tickets. Nearby a busload of illegal immigrants were holding awaiting to be processed.

Around 9 PM at the Detention Centre in the Carmichael Road area, a mob of persons were seen outside the gate delivering items to persons inside being processed. One wonders looking at the scene, who delivers food or supplies to a prison holding centre in the dead of night? Perhaps the Minister Branville McCartney should look into this and increase security at the centre.


This immigration officer was out of breathe making chase after this young Haitian national. The capture was just in front of the Nassau Guardian (1844) Ltd. And up to the paper’s weekend edition, not a photo was in the newspaper on the roundup. Amazing isn’t it? We guess Hubert Ingraham did not send this press release to the newspaper as yet.


  1. lollllllllll…..General Crazy you let Shocked burst your bubble like that, man….lol……

    I think you were trying to tell GCF to “roll” as in the famous “tuck and roll” technique used to exit a moving vehicle.

  2. When I drive to work early on Saturday mornings, this past Saturday especially, I see broken lamp poles, broken concrete walls, glass, car parts such as bumpers, and even whole wrecked cars on the side of the road. It’s amazing how the night life means putting oneself into the ultimate danger, the risk of death. To me, this isn’t a ‘good time’.

  3. @GCF – it might be safer juss to jump out the car one time – remember to role though, role. 😀

  4. lol…..okay GCF…you won. EASE the emergency brakes and force the car to stop EASILY and tell your drunken driver to “disembark” the vehicle s-l-o-w-l-y……….

    I got ya !

  5. Drama King, but that is why i insist to ….”ease”, “ease,” “ease” the emergency brakes.

  6. lol…GCF your stories are so interesting but WOW has a point, if it was high speed and you pulled up that emergency brakes it might not have been favourable for you and the others.

  7. Haitian drivers:
    Then there are the Haitian drivers; Haitians can be very humble people, and smarter than we thing.
    I know three young Haitian came from Haiti and had car, truck and drivers license with-in six months. One of them was practicing (with his license car) through the corner, and my wife said you could see this man couldn’t drive yet. I think the person who sold then the car tell them they will soon be able to drive to Miami.

  8. WOW! You must have been on the scene, not only did she cut her eyes, this woman started cursing. WOW! I only could have sit there for a moment and thank God for protecting me. I did not say a word to her, I just told myself all can not be well with this woman.

  9. GCF if you do that, the breaks can lock up and the car can skid and loose control or flip, especially if the driver is drunk or cannot drive or just not ready for it.

  10. i hear in some out islands they easily buy their license. so then when they come to nassau they dont have a clue how to drive.

  11. Kim, I bet she cut her eye at you too like you do something wrong. Every time I drive on our streets it raises my blood pressure. People have no regard for safety, the law, or other drivers. They drive with babies in their laps, treat gas stations like express lanes, run red lights, make third lanes while running cars off the road and all in plain sight of the Police who most times do not even respond.

  12. This morning I could have been in a serious accident, I was coming from around a round about, when a lady from a side corner decided to emerge right in front of my car. A baby could have seen that there was not sufficient distance between her car and mines. Even though I blow, she still processed to pull out in front of me. I had to slump breaks and swerve in order to avoid a collision with her car. The other car in the back of me had to swerve and slump breaks too. Anyway thanks to God that I am still here to share this experience.

    After this incident this morning my eyes were opened to other reasons why accidents happen: It could be because of a medical condition that has impaired the persons thinking abilities. Also we have people driving on our street who was never trained properly how to drive. They have never sat an examination or went on a driving test. These are people who have brought their driver’s license through the back door. Whoever is issuing these people licenses through the back door, you need to stop! You are putting their life and the general public lives in danger. You will have blood on your hands!!! Another trend that I notice, persons have failed there driving test in Nassau where they live, then goes to one of the family island to take the test and then they come back here to Nassau with license to drive. That is still dangerous because if you are driving on the streets in Nassau, then you should pass your test in Nassau.

  13. GCF these are the most sensible comments I have heard in a long time in reference to driving. Person who continue to allow reckless drivers ruin their lives or completely in this manner are to blame no one but themselves.

    We make choices in this world, and so whether it is a decision to ride without a helmet or to speed beyond the speed limit, there are consequences for our actions.

    I heard this morning of a biker who was killed after sliding on oil in the road. And some would say, how did the oil get in the road? All to avoid the main question, how did the biker ride without a helmet? This is the price for ignorance and negligence.

    We all can avoid these tragic incidences BUCKLE UP! SLOW DOWN! WEAR A HELMET! AND IF you decide to drink for goodness sake DON’T DRIVE, THE LIFE YOU SAVE MIGHT BE YOUR VERY OWN! IT’S CALLED BEING RESPONSIBLE!



  14. GFC, if you miscalculate on that emergency brake, you are in for big trouble and a serious accident.

  15. These causalities can be avoided:
    I remember being in a car with one of my brother in-laws and two other friends, chasing another car on Prince Charles drive, everyone in our car had a drink at a party, and it was the most frightening time of my life, we all tried to tell my brother in-law (who was the driver) to slow down but he did not. If we loosed control, we all may have died. To this date I’ve never got in a car with that brother in-law again.
    Years after the incident, the spirit with in me said, “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL IN MOST VEHICLE. The voice said, all you had to do was to ease the emergency brakes up and force the car to slow down, and tell your brother in-law to LET YOU OUT. Someone in the car must take charge when the driver is acting crazy.

  16. I just want to say, that what has happened was very tragic and my heart goes out to the families of these causalities. I can not even begin to imagine what they are going through right now. God will give each of you the strength to get through this difficult time, just continue to trust him.

    Most of the time it is speed and alcohol that have played a major role in these type of accident. There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time, but we must be responsible. We must be our brother’s keepers, we should never knowingly allow anyone to drink and drive. Whenever, we get behind the wheel of a vehicle our safety, our passengers safety and the safety of other road users should be our main concerns. Let’s stop the reckless driving!! Stop allowing speed and alcohol to rob us of so many lives!!!

  17. The Police dont want to admit that drunk driving is the cause of most accidents in the middle of the night and there is nothing they can do about drunk drivin because our laws allow it – not saying it was in this case, just saying. also in many cases the persons that die are not the ones that caused the accident. speed certainly is in many cases a factor present in late night accidents, but the point is what actually caused that accident – one of the parties involved typically being intoxicated. most of the police that partols at night know this, just the big chiefs that do press release and such dont have a clue.

    I get run off the road almost every night I go out to the store, and have seen many late night accidents over the years, in fact all but one I witnessed (directly or after the accident) were due to drunk driving, and in most cases the drivers responsible for the accident were wasted – and to top it off, even if the police did turn up, as that alone is rare, they tend to let the drunk driver go and the cause of the accident is almost always listed with another cause, such as speeding. To add to that, many of the accident reports are never even handed in, as if they never occurred. One really late night accident occurred early morning, I had to stop the prison bus and ask the cops in the car ahead of it, who had guns etc, to help direct traffic as 911 did not work.

  18. BP, the accident was actually on East Bay Street in the area of the old traffic police station.

  19. BREAKING NEWS >>>> Two are dead and two are listed in critical condition at the Princess Margaret Hospital following a traffic accident in the Coral Harbour area early this morning.

    Police confirms speed is a factor in this latest traffic fatality.


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