Tribune 'Racist Editor' Makes Fun of Bahamian Women



A protest against the ‘Bias’ Tribune as it launched an attack against Bahamian Women. Inset is the newspaper’s managing editor John Marquis who wrote the attack.

Nassau, The Bahamas – “Race like the poor would always be amongst us,” those were the words of the late Sir Lynden Pindling as he gave rise to the question of racism in The Bahamas. For many years the Progressive Liberal Party has found a voice to cause the issue to surface particularly during election time.

The time was one of serious social travesty and disdain. Both blacks and poor whites in The Bahamas faced segregation by an upper merchant class, that managed and dictated the country. The point at that time was to limit the education and economic opportunities given to blacks and poor whites across the country, thus the emergence of the PLP.

Sir Lynden rolled into power in 1967 by a slim majority in the Parliament, echoing a call for The Bahamas to rise above the tide of hatred, and move forward, upward, onward together. It was out of that message to building a new country with economic opportunities for all which proved successful. A massive campaign to educate, and produce a competent Civil Service was the bases, presenting a stable black majority government to the world. The PLP at that time had to deliver one simple fact, that black men and women can govern, and that they did.

The imperfect Sir Lynden however rolled through the years combating one enemy however, which have been a destructive force to his party for most of those 40 plus years. The morning daily Tribune newspaper to this very day appears to have eroded a trust by Bahamians to their politicians, but in a more real way, the trust in any black government, PLP or FNM.

From daily pastime editorial attacks on Sir Lynden or his PLP machinery, to today’s attack on prominent black figures from his cabinet, like Hubert Ingraham, and Perry Christie. Their current bullets of editorial attacks have hit hard from former Cabinet persons like Shane and Kenyetta Gibson, to fighting words along with welding swords the paper have published recently salacious writings treading the chance of a libel suit against V. Alfred Gray.

Now what is ironic in all this is the fact that the Tribune’s managing editor sees someone like Howard K Stern as in need of a make over? He has not attacked Stern in any salacious way by the tool of the wicked Tribune press. Stern’s ‘stolen pictures’ was after all used by them and to them they raise no red flags, with all of the death that has encircle his life in 2006/7.

Again here is the attacking part, a quote from John Marquis’ insight section; “No wonder Howard K Stern claims he is broke. He must squander fortunes a year on slimy-looking lawyers….” The editor writes. Now everybody knows one of those lawyers was the mind of a competent and sharp thinking Wayne Munroe, the President of the Bahamas Bar Counsel. Again here is how a blindly racist journalist like John Marquis sees black leadership.

However, what grabbed us in his foolish Christmas article with his continued attack on black leadership in The Bahamas with his cock-eyed mockery of the way of worship in a Bahamian church. There looking on a TV broadcast around the country, John Marquis found asinine humor with the way in which women of The Bahamas praise their God. Making an almost criminal attack against their weight, along with his stupid gesture of them following a comedic act. This is how a ‘TWISTED MINDED” editor think about Bahamians who worship God. Whilst in his daily publication with news sources, he finds a numerologist (SORCERER/WITCHCRAFT WORKER) as a credible news source to feed Bahamians.

Here is what John Marquis said about black women in the Bahamas as he attacks religious leaders in the Bahamian community; “…how much is [Neil] Ellis worth, with his utterly priceless brand of hilarious demagoguery, which get hundreds of overweight, bonneted women in a state of high frenzy every Sunday?”

“High point of this year’s output was Ellis’ 360-degree pirouette in his pulpit while bouncing up-and-down on his toes. To be honest, I was practically on the floor with laughter – especially when one of his parishioners, a large lady with a referee’s whistle, began blowing it loudly from her seat four rows back…”

Here is a newspaper and a ‘Twisted Minded’ editor making mockery of leaders in The Bahamas, now launches an attack on Bahamian women who find real solace in praising God. But here again through the eyes of that pure ‘racist writer’ [John Marquis], is an editor who finds witchcraft workers as credible news sources and sees Baptist worship services as a BIG JOKE.

This is not funny at all, coming from a man who seeks to present news to the consciousness of the community everyday and is bold enough to write about his wicked perceptions of persons when praising their God.

This has no laughter in any cell of the Bahamas and it is clearly not funny, as the father of the nation has warned us all, that “race like the poor would always be amongst us.”


  1. Let’s work together and make a difference
    As a foreigner I’m looking from the outside in Some bahamians treat us foreigners very unkindly. Others are very good and charitable. We all deserve a chance to a life. People of the Bahamas grow up and think more of yourself that’s why the education system is in. We really need more people to focus on using their skills.Those who know should teach so the bahamians have pride in their country.
    The main criminal problem starts from the top; as the old say” the pressure comes from the top. But if you have people like Christie and Kenyatta who seat back and wait until the heat is turned on high , instead of trying to work together . Real leaders work together to make things happens . The strenght is in unification. You can acomplish anything if you stick together.
    The immigration problems are there, because of how much slackness in the legal system. Every one looks out for themselves and no one thinks of how the neighbour is doing. You as bahamians called each other christians. But you are christians only on Sunday mornings.
    There is a lot to be done . Maybe you can start opening the health clinics 24/7 and to reduce the deaths in the country.
    Please look into to your system.Wake up bahamas. Stop being cheated and stop cheating yourselves.Look deep into it. Health care is not so expensive. We make it expensive because people tell us that that is the only way. There are other ways to acomplish things at a lower price you just have to make the effort and work hard at it.
    The answer is within you , make a difference and act now .

  2. I have to agree with you I live in the USA but read a lot of your papers.Racism is world wide and strong everywhere, although as you can now see a biracial person Mr. Obama won in our Iowa caucus. Maybe John should take a long hard look at himself in a mirror.

  3. The Nassau Tribune has been FULL OF LIES. Who is paying the editor to write this trash?

  4. One has to ask what was the purpose of the article;especially given the readership of The Tribune.
    It is sad how Black Bahamians eagerly run to the aid of whites,and so easily believe any negatives about black Bahamians.
    Marquis and the Tribune do NOT have the best interests of ALL Bahamians at heart.
    Their reporting and opinions are quite divisive. They only seem to report negatives on Sir Lynden Pindling and the PLP. Has Sir Lynden done any good for this country? Not according to them. As a Bahamian, I need not vote PLP just to recognize the good that man has done for this country.
    This is wrong for a country split almost straight down the middle PLP/FNM politically. News media should take a lead role in the healing process after an election; reminding us, we are ALL Bahamian despite how we voted.

  5. media you are correct, the PLP and FNM sites would not even consider publishing comments that make (or try to make) them look bad. You have them beat in that regard.

  6. How about some black newspaper editor talk about how the white Bahamians are all and only about empowering other white bahamians. They only shop/patronize at white owned establishments,many of them know not of “ova tha hill” and the list goes on and on. If this was published would the black bahamians and white bahamians say that this is racist?

    All of the bahamians here who are defending the article that it is the real truth etc. think about if the tables were turned. To date I have not seen or heard of an article critical of white bahamians surely they are not that pristine and nose clean.

    have fun and fight clean xoxo

  7. Intelligent minds would also note that is open to criticisms unlike our bitter rivals who would refuse to even publish a single commentary sent or posted to them. Again SAD!

    But lets look on the bright side people, the Internet is really changing the way we all read news in this country, OBJECTIVELY!

  8. Seems some black bahamians have a problem with hearing the truth come out the mouth of a white man – sounds awfully racist.

  9. I find it acutely ironic and bias that all of the persons named as “gate keepers” are of similar political persuasion.


    John Marquis is a decent man doing his job as a “TRUE” journalist. He strikes a good balance for the betterment of our society. Can you imagine what some politician would be getting away with if there weren’t a; John Marquis, Ivan Johnson, Fred Sturrup, Eileen Carron and a “FEW” others being the “keepers of the Gate”?


  11. I am glad you have asked. John, published that article the day before Christmas in the Monday 24th Edition of the Tribune. Sad for the newspaper everyone appears to be attacking our messenger for the revelation of this article, however, no one except Rev. J. Emmett Weir has published a letter this past Friday (Jan. 4th), rebuking John’s comments.

    Lets see if anyone would attack this minister. We at cry shame, on the many persons who have ‘hurled bolders’ against our article and have yet to read John’s Insight.

    What is worse is that this same newspaper [the Tribune] is calling for censure of the Internet and the introduction of laws to regulate this powerful tool of reference. Sad indeed Very Sad. The minds of real Communists indeed.

    However, now that you have the date of the newspaper, I hope when you request this edition, they don’t say there are no more copies. If that happens do respond to us again.

  12. Please direct me to where I can read for myself this particular publication by Mr. Marquis

  13. I say again to Nicki Kelly, James Brown, jimbo and the blogger “mysteri0us”, don’t attack the messenger, read INSIGHT December Issue. Read that first, then come in here and see what we have written simply in response to the attack against the little voices in The Bahamas. (Against Both BLACKS AND WHITES)

  14. What a lame article. This trash should not be on the internet, making us Black Bahamians all look like racists. John Marguis tells is like it is, if you don’t like it, then change it, otherwise just accept the facts as they are: Most Bahamian woman ARE fat and overweight, they eat huge greasy Bahamian meals 3 times a day, what the heck do you expect? Wayne Munroe is a nobody, so who cares?

    Marquis is a great Journalist, he says what most Bahamians think but are too scared to say.

    Long Live the Bahamas, Keep Exposing the Truth Marquis, You sir are a True Patriot and deserve to be called a Bahamian more than some here, forget what these other posters have said, they obviously hate the Bahamas.

  15. Exactly my sentiments editor. I cannot understand why bloggers to this site are giving John Marguis a free pass. Nobody bothers to read the INSIGHT article, but are prepared to attack those who report on or take exception to the tone and tenor of the Mr. Marquis’ article. These bloggers cannot be Bahamians or have love for Bahamian culture. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!

  16. Before the editor of this site is reduced to such a low, as being a raciest like John Marquis, I advise the post person “mysteri0us” to first read the language written by the RACIST John Marquis himself in his Christmas edition of INSIGHT, then assess what this article says. Then please confirm to this blog who the real racist is.

    Failure to do so would warrant us all to dismiss your comment.

  17. Jimbo, I challenge you to comment on the article written by John Marquis of the Tribune that depicts Bahamians in a derogatory manner. Is the article written by John Marquis “a bunch of racist crap?”. The article written by Mr. Marquis cannot be acceptable and the critique of the article called “a bunch of racist crap”. The editor of Bahamas press is merely responding to an article that he/she believes is racist or at least demonstrates a hatred for Bahamians. Wayne Munroe, one of our best and brightest lawyers is not a “slimy lawyer” as John Marquis implies.

    Your attacks are misplaced as you are going after the messenger. You would have to explain why Mr. Marquis’ brand of journalism is acceptable and why Bahamians should not disagree with or be offended by him. Also, why should Bahamians not reserve the right and exercise the freedom to express themselves, especially in their country? It is important to note that his attacks on the culture, sensibilities, and personalities of Bahamians were unprovoked and unsolicited.

    But then again Jimbo, you may not be a Bahamian and might just be of the same ilk and mindset of one John Marquis. How sad.

  18. this site should not be called this article makes a mockery of the value of the press and is extremely bias. whoever writes this crap should be ashamed.

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