Two armoured security officers were taken to hospital following a brazen armed  robbery incident…

Armed Robbery at Palmdale Plaza sends two armoured services security to hospital.

NASSAU| A double shooting at the Palmdale Plaza this afternoon around 1pm has caused two armoured services security officers to be taken to hospital.

The robbery occurred as the men attempted to enter the Lowes Pharmacy when a small Japanese vehicle pulled up on the men and opened fire on them. Both security officers were taken to hospital and their conditions are unknown; It is believed the men were followed into the busy district. 

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander was on scene with high ranking officers assessing the crime scene. 

It is said out of the two deposit bags one was stolen and the other fell. Business in the busy district came to a standstill for a period as heavy rains came down. 

Deep intel tells us one of the shot victims is Calton Seymour, brother of former top police Stephen Seymour. Police are all over Palmdale this afternoon. Calton has been taken to hospital with the other victim. Contrary to reports no one died in this incident.

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