Two men on bail for murder were ganged in Bank Lane on Friday afternoon right outside the courts!


DANGER IN BANK LANE | Two men on bail for murder were ganged in Bank Lane on Friday afternoon right outside the courts!

BANK LANE, Nassau Bahamas

NASSAU | Between 10pm Friday and 8am Saturday some three persons were dead and five shot in just 10 hours. And someone has to know why that was.

Everyone, including the police, are all tightlipped about the violent attack on two murder accused persons (Neeley and aka Fire), who are right now walking around on bail.

On Friday, around 12:15pm, as Neeley and Fire were attending their murder trial in Bank Lane, they were both jumped and beaten by two men who were waiting right outside the courts for their exits. The attackers were sitting right down underneath the big tree. How come only BP team witnessed this?

Bahamas Press has warned police before about the surroundings of Bank Lane and the lack of security. In an exclusive report we once warned how criminals were signing bail for other criminals as they waited under the big tree in Bank Lane. And, while we know much of that has since changed, the gatherings under the big tree continue.

Witnesses are not protected in this open space. Accused persons are left in the open and the staff and lawyers who frequent the area are left helpless and exposed to some of these deviant wicked people, walking around on bail, up to no good!

Even the judges, with this kind of open free access in Bank Lane, are exposed to a serious risk to our national security and peace. When will we fix this?

As no one knows the intent of these persons sitting around, idle all day outside the courts, the area is fast becoming a danger to others. So when Neeley and aka Fire return to Bank Lane for their cases, what are they to bring? Protection? Or will the attackers be allowed to come back in the area this time with lethal instruments?

Yinner better protect the peace and good order of this place!

We report yinner decide!