Two suspects will be arraigned in the murder of Latore Mackey this afternoon at 2pm…Bahamas Press team is live outside CDU!


Police now holding key evidence which link suspects to the crime scene….

Murdered victim and BIS employee Latore Mackey...

Victim met up with the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong area details in the case reveal….

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming early this morning confirms police have their case wrapped up in the death of BIS Deputy Director, Latore Mackey.

Bahamas Press is live at this hour outside CDU where can report an arraignment of two young men shall come at 2pm today in the courts.

Sources deep into the investigation tell us Police have collected damning evidence, which contains the blood of the victim the suspects now in custody and have attained a confession to murder the government employee.

We also know the details, which shall be presented in documents before the courts tomorrow, and all we could say is this, WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Bahamas Press will remain tight-lipped on the matter until the case is presented before a judge tomorrow afternoon.


We report yinner decide!