Unfair treatment of ZNS workers


<<<Delroy Meadows

Dear Editor

It’s unfortunate that today Bahamians are now faced with the prospects of increased taxes, more unemployment and a degraded quality of living due to the poor, ill-reviewed decisions made by the Prime Minister during last week’s budget communication.

It’s also clear that the Free National Movement and its leader in their anxious mode concocted the worst budget in the history of the Bahamas. One would be wise to ask the question if the FNM had intended for this particular budget to be published?

I can go on about what’s wrong with this budget but I will address one particular matter which disgusts me above all. Over the past few years, I have gotten to know the staff at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas on a personal level.  Prior to this, I was one of those critics who didn’t think too kindly about the performance of ZNS or the quality of its programs. However now having seen first hand and understanding what is placed before these people I now know better.

I have a deep respect for the majority of staff there (especially the long-serving ones) who on a daily basis turn water into wine. I am amazed to say the least of how it is possible that under such archaic conditions the staff there are continually able to produce news reports and other programs.

It’s an insult that an entity that was established long before this country gained its independence is now being faced with a degraded and undeserving exit from mainstream media. Given the right tools and conditions I can honestly say that ZNS can compete with any media company here and abroad. I believe that the attractiveness of the corporation for new talent has diminished tremendously over the years because of the overbearing Government control that is known to exists.

It’s no secret that the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas has been used for political points for many years and it continues to this day. However if this proposed transition to public service broadcasting be the end of the matter as indicated by the Prime Minister, let it be done with dignity. To pin the misfortunes and shortcomings of ZNS on to its staff is a deceptive card being played by this current Government. To unceremoniously slash the Corporation’s budget by 50 percent is a careless and unfair decision by the Prime Minister.

I believe that this extreme decision (as reflected in the budget) was made because there is a view or a perception by the Government that there is no public support for the corporation. I wish to remind Mr. Ingraham that public perceptions can change very quickly when the entire truth is told. The truth is that the advancement of ZNS depends heavily on the Government and if there have been any shortcomings by the corporation it’s merely a reflection of the performance of the Government. The truth is that whatever reasons given by the Government for the manner in which ZNS is being treated could have only been created by those in power. Why should the staff suffer for following orders?

I see nothing fair about this budget. It’s all nonsense and irrational. I would hope that the public look beyond what ZNS has become, lay aside what things appear to be and learn the truth for themselves before casting judgment. ZNS has a good staff and a mixture of talented people who do the absolute best of what they can under conditions of which they are not responsible for. Let’s give them our support.

Delroy Meadows


  1. “And further we will all benefit from the demise of ZNS,What could you do with the approx. 4mill that we will save”.I totally disagree with this statement as one does not destry an icon just to save money which is only outstanding bcos successive Govts just do not have the backbone to collect receivables.Market forces are prevailing and at the end of the day suggy mouth Brent will use his millions to purtchase ZNS.And yes you are a journalist and opportunist who cares not for your brother or sister.You are a cold,callous and mean spirited person who never had feelings for the under privileged in our country.I exposed you b4 bqased on statements you made so beahh.

  2. WOW I just love to see YOUNG FRESH FACES who are PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY like Delroy Meadows. I see a very very good future in him and I hope to see more DIVERSE individuals in the PLP and FNM. I have MADDDDDD respect for people like Delroy Meadows, Kenred Dorsett, Aarone Sargent, Michael Turnquest, Michael Foulkes and so on. This country needs to be UPDATED and even though I dont fully agree with Meadows’ stances I just have to give mad love and respect to him and young people like him.

  3. My God Johnson, can’t a regular citizen of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas have a voice on these blogs. Where you get this nonsense about me being a da** journalist, and working for the tribune. everybody is a psycho-analyst now eh? So sad.I was merely stating the facts. Of course there may be a few good people at ZNS, but the majority, have that place in a mess.
    And further we will all benefit from the demise of ZNS,What could you do with the approx. 4mill that we will save.

  4. Welcome back truthhurts,but you are wrong for taking shots at Meadows who is only pointing to staff at ZNS being moved with dignity.That is all he is asking for.Since you are going to benefit from the demise of ZNS in its present form keep quiet as the days of this Govt are quickly decreasing.tHE tRIBUNE YOUR EMPLOYER MIGHT BENEFIT FOR A SHORT PERIOD but like the FNM did there is bound to be a stop,cancel and review by the next Govt.Insyead of trying to make Meadows out to be the villan as a broadcaster you should be blasing this no good Govt for again placing more Bahamians on the unemployment line.shame on you for trying to benefit at the expense of other Bahamians .

  5. Now up to this point I have had good respect for the things that I have been hearing from Delroy Meadows. But This one is a dissapointment. ZNS is “like a festering sore on the backsides of bahamaians” There is too much politics, unprofessionalism and gross mismanagement at the corporation.too much staff. a ratio of approximately 1 manager for every 3 staff members. Why should I continue to pay for that as a tax payer. Let them collect the revenue for the corporation and stop putting it in their pockets.

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