Hubert Ingraham is pauperizing the Bahamain People


We saw the news last night and the Wutless newspapers this morning. There was Hubert “ Mugabe Ingraham and his band of misfits down at the Airport all over the place. We guess Roy Boyke is earning his keep and is trying to spin something good out of the terrible situation Hubert has put this Country in. We can tell him and Ingraham, no amount of spin, lies, half-truths and deflection can resurrect Ingraham.

We see he is quoted in the wutless Toilet Paper as speaking as if he is the “Godfather” and being blamed for everything. Well, we get news for you, “ heavy is the head that wears the Crown”, get used to it, more to come. In fact, it is you who has put us in this mess. The entire world was in a recession, but you continued to spend and borrow like a drunken sailor. You did not cut back; you took care of your masters.

We see you and Boyke spinning like a top talking about, thank God you are Prime minister at this time, what utter lies, we all know that Christie is a fiscal Conservative and would not have gone on a spending spree like a “Jungalist with a Stolen Card”. The Country would have had headroom to borrow at this time. Please check Christie’s spending record against yours. Everybody knows that we do not support Christie, but the facts are the facts my Brother, so stop with the foolish talk.

What we do know is that, Ingraham has mongrelized and pauperized the Country so much so that they had to pass the Good Samaritan Act so that people could donate rotten food. What madness! What have we come to? What happen to loving your neighbour as yourself? Has it come down to us giving people something to eat that we ourselves would not eat?

We cry shame on this “Mugabe Government”! We will continue to point out the wrongs and tell the people the truth. We will start a voter’s registration drive very shortly and we implore all of our readers to register to vote. We implore all young people over 18 to register to vote. We need to be “Brave” and Change the Bahamas!

Unemployed Grand Bahamians battle cold temperatures to collect food care packages from members of the Bahamas Democratic Movement on Saturday. Photos by BDM public Relations Committee.


  1. We the Bahamian people were quiet when mr.Ingraham was borrowing PILES of money during the 1992-2002 period.In TEN years mr.Ingraham borrowed more money than Sir LYNDEN PINDLING borrowed in TWENTY FIVE YEARS!!!One must remember that the world’s economy was blooming during this time and mr.Ingraham claimed that HE was the reason for the Bahamas being prosperous.Those who spoke out AGAINST his INGRANMONICS fiscal policy and his style of governing were VICTIMIZE.Well Bahamas witness the RESULTS of FAILED POLICIES,see the end of the man who acted like HE HAD ALL THE ANSWERS.Bahamians i am sorry to say that the WORSE IS YET TO COME AND ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US NOW!!!

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