Union Leaders tricked by BPL Executives – WHO CHANGED THE DOCUMENT AGREED UPON?!

BPL 'HAS 14 DAYS': Company told that it must solve issues or face union  wrath | The Tribune
Executive Chairman of Bahamas Power and Light Patrick Rollins and CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

NASSAU BREAKING NEWS: Bahamas Power and Light Executive Management have tricked the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union and have prepared an Industrial Agreement that was not the same proposal the union agreed to last week.

The union’s president decided to thoroughly read the document management was trying to get him to quickly sign and the changes were discovered.

The outgoing FNM government is trying to trick the workers of the country. BP is appealing to all union members to stay vigilent!!

The PM and DPM were called and have vowed to have the situation corrected before day’s end, but we all know CEO Heastie has no respect for this government and does as he pleases.

The union is threatening to walk off the job in the face of being tricked.

BP is watching this situation closely. Our agents have reported to BPL in great numbers to monitor the happenings.

This a developing story.